100th anniversary of AZS Gdansk. Scientific conference, congratulations, Olympic medalists among the guests

Prof. Janusz Czerwiński, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 100th Anniversary Conference of AZS Gdańsk

photo: AWFiS

– I would like to invite everyone who lives in academic sports, the sports of the Tri-City and Pomerania to a conference, which will be devoted, among other things, to the most awarded sports club in Pomerania: AZS AWFiS Gdańsk – says the rector of the Academy for Physical Education and Sport, prof. dr hab. Pawes Cisszczyk.

National scientific conference entitled “Academic maturity as the foundation for the success of AZS athletes” as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of AZS Gdańsk will be held on Friday, October 22 in the congress hall of the Academy of Physical Education and Sports. Jędrzej Sniadecki. starting at 10am, expect to finish around 4pm. Free entrance.

In addition to the plenary sessions of lectures, a key point of the conference (11.50 am) will be the presentation of congratulatory letters to Olympic medalists and outstanding players and coaches associated with the AZS Gdańsk club. Invited guests include Adam Korol (Olympic Rowing Champion), Leszek Blanik (Olympic Gymnastics Champion), Anna Rybicka (Olympic Silver Medalist Fencing), Sylwia Gruchała (Silver and Bronze Olympic Fencing Medalist), Cezary Siess (Bronze Olympic Fencing Medalist ), Ryszard Sobczak (Silver and Bronze Olympic Medalist in Fencing), Magdalena Mroczkiewicz (Silver Olympic Medalist in Fencing), Maciej Łasicki (Olympic Bronze Medalist in Rowing), Jarosława Jóźwiakowska (Silver Olympic Medalist in Krostytna Krupa), Krystytna Krupa Olympic silver medalist in volleyball) and outstanding Olympic coaches.

– I look forward to meeting the group of athletes, activists, coaches and teachers. The conference connecting the worlds of science and sports will be an opportunity to appreciate the achievements of the most outstanding Gdańsk athletes – says Leszek Blanik, a former great athlete and currently president of the AZS AWFiS Gdańsk Sports Club.

– Glory to the Olympians! They deserve respect, because with their wise and intense work they have achieved something that all athletes dream of and have given us many reasons for pride and joy – says Prof. Janusz Czerwiński, chairman of the organizing committee of the conference. – Outstanding experts, especially the Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Henryk Sozański, teachers from the Academy of Physical Education in the country, including the Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk, will provide the scientific level of the conference.



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