11 reasons to install Windows 11

Windows 11 was released on October 5. Users can purchase a device with Windows 11 preinstalled or access it via a free update on compatible Windows 10 devices.

We’ve compiled the top 11 reasons why you should install Windows 11 as soon as possible.

Renewed environment (interface)

Windows 11 gives a refreshed look to the system that places the Start button and Start menu in the center of the screen, along with the most needed shortcuts. The new interface includes more delicate finishes of application windows and a clearer layout of settings, thanks to which you will reach the most needed much faster, and if necessary you can use the search engine. The action center has shortcuts to the most used options, such as Wi-Fi and new focus modes that let you mute specific notifications so you can focus on your task.

Better organization of work in the windows

Windows has always been characterized by great freedom in organizing work in many applications and windows, and now organizing an environment for work, study or even entertainment is easier than ever before. After hovering the cursor over the maximize window button, we will see several variants of window layout. After selecting one of the schemes, it is enough to select the following applicationi.ewho will take the indicated places and arrange windows according to our expectations. The half-and-half division is one of many variants, as there are also layouts for three windows side by side with different proportions, or the one that divides the screen into four equal planes, which can be a great solution for people using larger monitors. . In addition, grouped application windows are available together in the preview of running applications, allowing you to access the entire set of open applications even faster.

Built-in Microsoft Teams

With the messenger shortcut that is always available on the taskbar, you can instantly connect with others. Teams are now integrated into the system, so a slide-out panel with the caller list allows you to quickly make an audio and video call and start or resume a text chat. Teams is now a messenger that you will use not only in organizations and at school, but also with friends and loved ones.

Stay informed with widgets

The space with widgets that slide out of the edge of the screen is a great place to quickly check the latest world news, weather forecast, and next tasks. The information provided has been selected based on our interests and activities, and the freedom in personalizing the types and placement of widgets allows you to create a place where you can find just a moment to catch up, plan your activities or just get away from your current tasks. Widgets include a list of calendar events, a list of tasks from the To Do application, and reminders with photos from OneDrive. However, in the settings we can independently determine which topics of the news interest us most. Most importantly, by opening the Widgets section, we can be sure that the most up-to-date information is waiting for us, so there is no need to search for posts and refresh the content yourself.

Ready for touch control

Windows 11 visitors on a wide variety of devices, including touch screen devices. These can be laptops, for example with screens that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, or tablets. In these situations Windows 11 it increases the space between the icons on the taskbar, but also in other places in the system, making touch operation efficient and comfortable. IN Windows 11 An all-new on-screen keyboard, completely redesigned, is also waiting for you, allowing you to type as fast as a physical keyboard.

Work comfortably and efficiently on multiple monitors

Today, we increasingly connect our laptops and tablets to external screens, because working on multiple monitors, especially larger ones, is more pleasant and efficient. We like to organize the layout of windows and virtual desktops according to our needs, so if we unplug the laptop monitor and plug it back in again after coming back, we’d like to go back to the same layout. Windows 11 it remembers how you organized your applications and desktops on another screen, so you can now work or study even faster.

The files you need most always at hand

Windows 11 has an integrated OneDrive service, which makes the files present on the computer available on other devices and vice versa. Photos taken with a smartphone can automatically go to the cloud and be downloaded to your computer in the blink of an eye. In addition, OneDrive allows you to automatically back up the entire drive so that hardware loss or failure does not result in the loss of all data. These are waiting in the cloud because on the new device all you need to do is log into your account and everything will be restored.

The best gaming platform

Only Windows 11 supports DirectStorage i.e. it supports NVMe SSD drives, achieving read and write speeds that were not available for previous versions of the system. In addition, Windows 11 offers automatic HDR, which significantly improves graphics even in older titles. If the game supports DirectX 11 or later, the system will only apply HDR to games, so many titles will look better without any effort from the developer or player who has no choice but to run the game.

One place for your apps and games

The Microsoft Store is a place where you can quickly and easily download applications to your computer. Not only modern applications come here, but also the ones you used so far on previous versions of Windows. However, this time you are just one click away from downloading and installing it. In addition, the applications installed from the Store work in the so-called “sandbox”, which means that they can only access selected information, data and sensors with your permission. Integration with other stores, such as Epic and Amazon AppStore, on a computer with Windows 11 you install games and programs from multiple sources, but in the same convenient and secure way.

android applications

The arrival of support for other app stores has opened up new possibilities for users Windows 11because Amazon AppStore is one of them. It offers Android applications that millions of users use every day and will soon be able to do so on their own computers. This is a great opportunity to get faster and more convenient access to social media applications, messengers or those from the smart home category, with which we control connected devices in the home. This is the end of breaking the beat and reaching for your smartphone as often as before. The only caveat is that Android apps are not available on Windows 11 on the day of the new system release. It is still a while before the introduction of this option, but it is probably a matter of the coming months.

The most secure Windows

Windows 11 is in many ways a stronghold when it comes to security. Starting with external factors, ie access to the computer, and ending with the secure architecture in the machine. The new version of Windows allows you to forgo traditional passwords and log in with Windows Hello – for this we can use our own face or our fingerprint, ie in two unique ways. Windows 11 requires processors of newer generations: Intel – from the 8th generation, AMD – from the 1st generation, Dali (Zen), Qualcom – from Snapdragon 7c, which have built-in and active security by default (including Secure Boot). From the user’s perspective, it is the same accessible platform as the previous one, but much more secure against external threats.

Check if you’re ready for Windows 11

Windows 11 is a free update for all Windows 10 users who have a computer that is compatible with the new version. The whole process is done automatically while the data is saved on the computer. To make sure your device can handle it Windows 11 you can download the “Computer Health Check” application from the Microsoft website.

The material was created in collaboration with Microsoft

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