3-2-1 before the handball week: “The cup, the sleeping giants & the Swedish team from Nantes”

The IFK Kristianstad players are depressing. Photo: Jörgen Jarnberger / BILDBYRÅN

Eight quarter-final teams will be selected for the Swedish Cup, the top teams are looking for form and the Swedish team Nantes has a chance to win first place. Here is the 3-2-1 for the handball week.

Each week of the handball season is full of news, hot matches and, very often, scandals. But what are the 3 points that are good to watch out for during this week?

3: Which teams will reach the quarter-finals of the Swedish Cup?

Elma Ortemark.
Photo: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN

The women’s handball league is on break until October 18. The double international matches will be played in just over a week and until then it will be cup handball instead of league handball. The dual meets will be decided this week.

Here are the round of 16 matches (the teams in bold are the ones I think will advance):

Kristianstad Hong Kong –BK Heid
Önnered’s HK – HK Aranäs
VästeråsIrsta – Skara HF
IK Savehof – Tyresö Handball
SI Hallby – H65 Hearing
Skuru IK –Kärra HF
Skövde HF – VO Helsingborg
Kungälvs HK – Boden Handball

2: Do the supposed best teams come to life?

Alexander Lindén, Ystads IF.
Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson / BILDBYRÅN

IFK Kristianstad and Ystads IF, two of the teams expected to challenge for SM gold this season, got off to a weak start. In the Bundesliga, THW Kiel have lost three games in a row and that is certainly not the norm.

Is this the week sleeping giants come to life? There’s a lot of talk about it. IFK have a tough away game on Saturday against sensation Amo, but the fiery yellow usually goes up in these types of matches. For YIF, El Clasico awaits against Lugi and an away match against Önnered – it will take four points for Ystad’s zero points.

Kiel then, what chance do they have of turning that frown upside down? Yes, they are big. Wetzlar in the German Cup is a game they should win easily and in the league there is a home game against Hamburg on the schedule. Anything short of a double win this week would be shocking.

1: Can Nantes climb to the top of the championship?

Anna Lagerquist. Neptunes of Nantes.
Photo: Neptunes of Nantes.

Nantes has started the season brilliantly and with four victories in five matches, it is second in the French championship, behind the great team Metz. On Saturday, the teams meet in Nantes and with a victory there (depending on how the week progresses), Nantes can move up to the championship.

This would be great for the Swedish team, who after all lost their star and top scorer Nathalie Hagman before the season. But there are three Swedes left with important roles in the team and if Jessica Ryde, Anna Lagerquist and Carin Strömberg can bring home two points before the national team break, it would be a perfect first half of the season for Nantes.

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