3: 3 – Ried showed morale and drew against WAC

Lively play developed quickly in the first half with some chances. The guests had the best chances, which, thanks to Eliel Peretz (19th) and Thorsten Röcher (25th), rightly entered the locker room with a 2-0 lead at halftime. After the goal of Tai Baribo, who achieved an exemplary counterattack in the 57th minute, the Ried fair had not yet been read, as Wießmeier (62nd) and Leo Mikic (70th) shortened and the Innviertler had tried everything to the end and was rewarded for it.

Brazilian Valdir, called for the first time at the start by Ried coach Andreas Heraf, had the first chance in the 9th minute. His conclusion to the long turn was missing the same but clearly. After that, the WAC plunged into their most productive offensive phase of the game. Amar Dedic (15th) first hit the bar from afar before Peretz took the lead after a preliminary job from Röcher. The Israeli went to 1-0 by direct acceptance with the interior. A little later, after an opening pass from Michael Liendl, Jonathan Scherzer picked up the approaching Röcher, who was there with his head.

Then, however, the Rieders were on the loose. In the 27th minute, Dedic saved shortly before the line after a breakthrough from Mikic. Less than a minute later Wießmeier tried after a corner kick from the backcourt, WAC goalkeeper Alexander Kofler (41.) saved a Mikic in the short corner. Back from the locker room, a strike from the replacement of Valdir Murat Satin (54th) narrowly missed.

On the other hand, the Carinthians proved their efficiency, Baribo completed a combination over Röcher and Peretz at close range to bring the score to 3-0. Then Ried had chances every minute, Wießmeier scored. A goal from Mikic was rightly withdrawn with the support of the video assistant because of handball, the Croatian was not offside when he scored his second goal – which was also confirmed in the VAR zone.

In the final phase, the game rocked back and forth. Baribo missed a high percentage of chance alone in the 81st minute, ahead of Samuel Sahin-Radlinger. After Offenbacher’s flank touched the other side, Wießmeier finalized the successful race to catch up.

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