3 things we learned during the week: “RIK can smoke again, shaping the message ahead of the World Championships and European Games”

Evelina Eriksson. Photo: Christoffer Borg Mattisson / BILDBYRÅN

Redbergslid can come out of a series for the second season in a row, several Swedish players have announced their form ahead of the World Cup and Swedish club teams are having a tough time in Europe – these are 3 things we’ve learned over the course of the week.

RIK risks exiting two consecutive series

Linus Lövgren from Redbergslid. Photo: Jörgen Jarnberger / BILDBYRÅN.

Many probably expected Redbergslids IK to have a tough time in the Herallsvenskan this season. But the fact that they are last in the standings after ten rounds is much more improbable. The team is certainly significantly weakened compared to last season, but on paper it is certainly not the worst team in the series.

So what’s the problem ? I’ve seen too little of RIK to talk about it, but the 34-25 home loss to old rival IFK Ystad says it all. The players don’t seem to believe it and if this continues it will be a difficult season for RIK.

Imagine if RIK went out of a series for the second season in a row. Those responsible must then take a long look in the mirror.

Several great fitness announcements before the WC

Irma Schjött, Ikast.
Photo: Frederik Dahl

The World Championship is less than two weeks away and in the club’s final team week before the home championship several Swedish players impressed. On the goalkeeping side, Irma Schjött and Evelina Eriksson were both brilliant at times. In Denmark, Tyra Axnér, Kristin Tholeifsdóttir and Elin Hansson scored a lot of goals and Emma Lindqvist was, as always, a superb two-way player. And in Germany, Sofia Hvenfelt is still as effective as ever.

At the same time, Anna Lagerquist was a giant for Nantes and Jenny Carlson set the tone for her Brest. Daniela de Jong provided a solid match in Romania and stars Jamina Roberts, Linn Blohm and Nathalie Hagman all performed at a high level.

Several nice messages for Tomas Axnér before the WC.

Swedish club teams in Europe

Jesper Östlund, Sävehof coach. Photo: Daniel Stiller/Bildbyrån.

IK Sävehof lost eight games out of eight in the Champions League and played Odense two games in a row. H65 Höör had no chance against Storhamar in the European League qualifiers and Önnered’s HK were never able to really threaten Targu Jiu. There is no great news regarding the level of the Swedish club teams this season.

The question is: when was the last time it looked this bad? Sävehof always takes the scalp in the Champions League, H65 Höör is historically a good team in Europe and Önnered’s HK, even if it is new in the context, visibly expected more against a team which fights in bottom of the Romanian championship.

In the short term, it is obviously bad to see how far the Swedish club teams are lagging behind Denmark, Norway and Romania. In the longer term, unsuccessful European adventures also affect the ranking of the Handball League. These are undeniably difficult times.

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