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16.31: These for today, thank you for watching us and meeting us at the next cycling races of this season’s final. Have a good Sunday!

16.30: the final ranking of the time trial of the nations:

  1. Queng 51 ″ 46
  2. Toft Madsen and 36 ″ +
  3. De Marchi at 1’16 “
  4. Gate 1’22 “
  5. Evenepoel a 1’22 “
  6. Herregodts and 1’28 “
  7. Muff at 1’32 “
  8. Latour a 1’44 “
  9. Wolf 1’49 “
  10. Heidemann 2’03 “

16.28: Another little pearl, then, of Alessandro De Marchi in an unforgettable season for him, even if bad luck was not lacking. His third place in the Time Trial of Nations

16.27: Success for the Swiss Stefan Kueng who spends 36 ″ in the Danish Toft Madsen and 1’16 “in the blue Alessandro De Marchi who was behind two experts such as the New Zealander Gate and the Belgian Remco Evenepoel, a little disappointing, only fifth

16.25: A clear victory for the Swiss Kueng who is more than half a second behind Toft Madsen and wins the 2021 edition of the Time Trial of Nations

16.24: IT’S A FOOT FOR ALESSANDRO DE MARGI! Remco Evenepoel loses his polish in the final and closes with a 46 delay delay, leaving De Marchi in second place when only Kueng is missing from the finish.

16.20: Sixth place for Frenchman Latour who is more than a minute behind Toft Madsen

16.19: Ninth place for Estonia Taarama

16.17: Second place for Alessandro De Marchi at the finish line! It closes 40 ″ late by Toft Madsen who went very strong in the final. We will see if the Blues can defend the fourth place

4.15 pm: third place for the Belgians Herregodts in the finish. while Kueng has a 39 π advantage over Toft Madsen in the second half and flies to a clear victory

16.13: In the second half De Marchi is always third but Evenepoel passed him with 6 “, Toft Madesn with 18”, Kueng still has to pass. We apologize for the few updates but there is no constant news from the match

16.10 Belgium Paaschens is a long way from the first

16.07: Great performance by the Dane Toft Madsen who clearly goes to the lead with 46 έναν advantage over Gate

16.05: New Zealand Gateway takes the lead at the finish line with a 10 ″ advantage over the Danish Muff and then third is the German Wolf

16.03: third place in the finish for the French Rossetto, eleventh for the transalpine Duval. Eleven competitors are missing until the finish

16.00: There are no other updates from the route, so we are waiting for the arrivals. At the moment it is the turn of the German Wolf to enter the second place

15.59: Only eighth place for the French Maitre in the finish

15.56: Second place for the French Delaplace at the finish

15.51: The Serb Ognjen enters the third place in the finish

15.50: Austrian Rittinger takes the lead at the finish line overtaking Brown

15.47: At km 10 Kueng is 17 “ahead of Latour, 19” above De Marchi and fourth Evenepoel at 19 “

15.44: German Julian Brown sets the best time in the finish

15.41: Latour sets the fastest time in the first half with a 2 ″ lead over De Marchi

15.38: Good news !!! Alessandro De Marchi is the best in the first half after just over 10 kilometers of the race!

15.31: Evenepoel and Kueng are gone, all participants are on the road

15.28: Gate, Wolf, Muff the first three in the first half

15.27: The French Latour and the Belgian Armenians left. Only Evenepoel and Kueng are missing

15.24: The Estonian Taarama left

15.21: Alessandro De Marcy leaves! Unfortunately, the intermediate system does not work well

15.19: Blue Aimoneto from the top ten in the match under 23. The victory goes to the French Devan who surpasses the Belgian Hayes for more than a minute, third place for the German Knoll, fourth for the French Paleni

15.17: The next to start in the professional race is Alessandro De Marchi

15.09: Frenchman Stephane Rossetto, the first candidate for the podium of the professional race, left

15.06: Incredible performance of the Frenchman Antoine Devan who cuts 2’25 “per second. His time will hardly be surpassed even by professionals

15.01: The Frenchman Gassinar takes the lead with 4 ″ in front of Roussens. Soon the arrival of the blue Aimonetto. The professionals continue to leave, between 15 ‘in the beginning Alessandro De Marchi

14.46: The competition for professionals has started

14.44: First place for the Belgian Roussens in front of the German Theiler. Seven reached the finish line

14.41: Frenchman Souchon leads the Under 23 standings, surpassing Ireland’s Keogh by just 9 cents

14.35: Belgium’s Erauw leads under-23 race ahead of France’s Hamon and Denmark’s Janssen

14.28: This is the list of beginners in the elite men’s race:

14h45 25 WAIS Bradeddin Kuwait Pro Cycling Team Syria
14h47 24 THILL Tom Xspeed United Continental Luxembourg
14h49 23 BRAUN Julian Team SKS Sauerland NRW Germany
14h51 22 JEANNIERE Emilien Team TotalEnergies
2:53 p.m. 21 RITZINGER Felix National Austria Austria
2:55 p.m. 20 OGNJEN Ilic National Team of Serbia
14h57 19 TZORTZAKIS Polychronis Kuwait Pro Cycling Team Greece
14h59 18 MUFF Frederik ColoQuick Cycling Denmark
15h01 17 MAITRE Florian Team TotalEnergies
3:03 p.m. 16 DELAPLACE Anthony Team Arkéa Samsic
15h05 15 DUVAL Julien AG2R – Citroën Group
3:07 p.m. 14 WOLF Justin Bike Aid Pro Cycling Germany
3:09 p.m. 13 ROSSETTO Stéphane Saint Michel – Auber 93
3:11 p.m. 12 GATE Aaron Black Spoke Pro Cycling New Zealand
15h13 11 PAASSCHENS Mathijs Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB Belgium
15:15 10 TOFT MADSEN Martin BHS – PL Beton Bornholm Denmark
3.17 p.m. 9 HEIDEMANN Miguel Leopard Pro Cycling Germany
15h19 8 HERREGODTS Rune Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise Belgium
3:21 p.m. 7 DE MARCHI Alessandro Israel Start-Up Nation Italy
3:23 p.m. 6 TAARAMAE Rein Intermarché – Wanty – Gobert Matériaux Estonia
15h25 5 LATOUR Pierre Team TotalEnergies
15h27 4 ΕΡΜΑΝΟΙ Ben Israel Start-Up Nation Belgium
15h29 3 EVENEPOEL Remco Deceuninck – Quick Step Belgium
15h31 2 KÜNG Stefan Groupama FDJ Suisse

14.26: There is no world champion Filippo Ganna, who is still struggling with the consequences of a minor injury, in which the organizers had kept the number 1

14.23: The protagonists of the match under 23 men are now competing. On the road also the blue Pietro Aimonetto. The protagonists of the elite men’s race will leave in 20 ‘

14.16: For the second time, Switzerland wins the women’s competition. European champion Marlen Reusser prevails with a 51. Advantage over the Austrian Kiesenhofer, third place for the German Kroger. Seventh place for the best of the Italian Vittoria Bussi

2.15pm: Triumph for the Swiss Roiser who closes with a 51 over advantage over Kisenhofer

14.14: Less than a second advantage for Austrian Olympic champion Kisenhofer over German Kroger. Only Swiss Roiser is missing at the finish

14.12: Twelfth temporary position for Marta Cavalli when two athletes are missing from the finish

14.11: Vittoria Bussi lost a lot in the second half of the match, finishing fifth in 1’11 “by Kroger. Marta Cavalli is expected but not on the podium

14.07: First place in the women’s race for the German Mike Kroger who takes the lead with 16 ″ in front of Boras. Austrian Schweinberger is in eighth place

14.05: Third temporary place for the first of the blues in the beginning, Federica Piergiovani who is placed behind the French Boras and the Latvian Rozlapa

13.54: First place for Vittoria Bussi in the middle, second place for Marta Cavalli

13.53: The most accredited are the Belgian Remco Evenepoel (bronze in the last World Championship) and the Swiss Stefan Kueng (European Champion). There is only one blue at the beginning of the test intended for professionals and it is Alessandro De Marchi

13.51: At 14.45 will start the first protagonist of the race intended for male professionals

13.49: The race for men under 23 also started, with Pietro Aimonetto at the start for Italy

13.47: All the protagonists of the women’s fight have started. There are four blues in the race: Federica Piergiovanni, Elena Pirrone, Marta Cavalli and Vittoria Bussi.

13.45: race The men’s race for Juniors was held, which just ended. The victory took the reigning European champions, bronze in the World Cup at home, the Belgian Alec Segalert, the second place for the Irish Rafferty and the third place for the Frenchman Le Huitouze. Only fifth, more than a minute from the sole, the Danish Wang world champion in office. Azzurri are in the top ten in the match

13.43: The event returns to the protagonist after last year’s forced absence and promises to be extremely spectacular, given the luxury lot we will see along the 44.5 km provided by the start and finish timer in Les Herbiers (France) .

13.40: Good morning to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live broadcast of the Cronometro delle Nazioni, a traditional end-of-season event for international professional cycling.

Schedule, schedules, television, flow of Nations timing – All Italians in the race

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE 2021 Cronometro delle Nazioni, a traditional end-of-season event for international professional cycling. The event is once again a protagonist after last year’s forced absence and promises to be extremely spectacular, given the luxury party that we will see along the 44.5 km scheduled for start and end timing in Les Herbiers (France).

There will be no Filippo Ganna, Time Trial World ChampionThe typical Ineos Grenadiers player struggles with a broken side. THE the most accredited are: the Belgian Remco Evenepoel (bronze in the last world championship) and the Swiss Stefan Kueng (European champion)There is only one blue at the beginning of the test intended for professionals and it is Alessandro De Marcy which closes an unforgettable season that saw him wear the pink jersey for the first time in his career and that a few days ago saw him triumph at Tre Valli Varesine.

We will also give you news on the progress of the other races scheduled today. Italy ranks among women Federica Piergiovanni, Marta Cavalli and Vittoria BussiThe The name born in the art Giacomo Saligari will compete among the young along with Ivan Valinotto and Federico Savino in the competition that includes the duel between the Danish Gustav Wang and the Belgian Alec Segert (respectively World Champion and European Champion). Pietro Aimoneto will be our main player under the age of 23 while Alessandro Borgo will compete in the competition for students.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE of the Time Court of the Nations of 2021, traditional appointment at the end of the season for international professional cycling, with start and finish in Les Herbiers (France) a total of 44.5 km, Real-time news, minute by minute, so you don’t miss anything. The first cyclist will depart on 14.45! Have fun!

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