The Tidö agreement, the political agreement between the government parties and the Swedish Democrats, contains ambitions to improve healthcare at various levels. But at the same time, the agreement proposes measures that would lead to the decline of undocumented migrants, ie asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. 41 organizations, including the Medical Association, the Medical Association, the Care Federation and Doctors Without Borders, write this in a debate article. Contemporary society.

One of these concerns the point that government employees may have to report undocumented migrants to the Migration Bureau and the police authority. So far there is no guarantee that health workers will be exempted from this, if it becomes a reality at all, but the government has only said that the matter will be investigated. But the debaters point out that such a provision could discourage people from seeking the care they need while “severely limiting the ability of health care and medical care to provide ethical and patient-safe care.”

Another thing mentioned is the point in the Tidö agreement about limiting the right to an interpreter for people with a residence permit and Swedish citizenship. It can lead to increased medical risks due to misunderstandings.

If the points of the Tidö agreement in the field of care are implemented, there is a risk “not only of leading to curtailment of human rights and deterioration of the health of some of Sweden’s most vulnerable groups, but also to the risk of deterioration of public health through the proposals for modified migration”. and integration policy”, the leaders of the organizations write in the debate article.