500 members in open letter: New arena – increasing carbon dioxide emissions

Hello Fredrik Reinfeldt!

Football, the greatest sport in the world, evokes strong emotions and offers unforgettable memories. This sport means a lot to many people.

However, there should not be such great demands on new areas that it would cause very serious damage to valuable nature and our environment.

The international sports movement has finally begun a distinct shift towards reducing the waste of resources. This is expressed most clearly in the IOC’s position that existing and temporary arenas should be used as much as possible at the next Olympic Games.

It should be obvious for the Swedish Football Association to take a similar approach.
Current requirements from the Swedish Football Association have led the Municipality of Värnamo to carry out an area planning process with space for a new arena. An arena there would mean the city’s water supply is in jeopardy and would also place an unsustainable burden on the municipality’s carbon dioxide budget. The latter is established on the basis of the Paris Agreement.

In light of the above, it would be preferable for the Swedish Football Association to revise its stadium requirements so that the home team, IFK Värnamo, can continue to play elite football, including football fully Swedish, in the current arena of Finnvedsvallen.

Värnamo Naturskyddsförening through Kerstin Thornell, President.

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