“A different level from last year. Juška, on the other hand, believes in eight meters and the final of the World Championship – ČT sport – Czech television

July went well. At the Nové Město nad Metují Grand Prix, he jumped 808 centimeters, which was his first eight-meter performance since the Odložil memorial last year. He then added an extra seven centimeters during the home championship in Tábor.

“It wasn’t bad, kind of ups and downs. I was looking for a bit, but it was a different level from last year,” Juška briefly assessed the summer season.

He had no luck in this room. He suffered from a disc, then in an accident at home on the stairs, he broke two bones in his right hand, on which he wore a splint. The situation has improved markedly. His hand healed and he also got rid of his back problems.

At the meeting in Ústí nad Orlicí at the beginning of August, he did not exceed eight meters, but he did not lower his head because of it. “It was just kind of a slap on the spot, which matched the performance,” he said, jumping from a distance of 7.67. “It can also be a good indicator: give 7.67 because of a big fatigue. I see it with optimism”, indicated the point of view towards Budapest.

At the races in East Bohemia, his leg was taped below the knee. “My front thigh pulls a bit. As we were training for the national championship, it will probably be a more tired shooter. It’s safer, so we can adjust it for the world championship,” explained Juška.

The week before the WC is no longer the time for major events. “There was less fatigue now, but I think it’s going in the right direction.” On Tuesday he finished his last difficult training session. “The cake will only be decorated,” added the Czech representative in Sports News .

He has a clear plan to qualify. “Belaying around 7.90 with the first two jumps is best. According to calculations from other championships, 7.95 should be enough for the final, so I guess it will be similar now,” Juška added. .

In his thirties, he does not let himself be annoyed, and he does not think too much about fighting with the stars of his discipline. “I’ve already jumped so many times with the boys that it won’t be new. When I go to big competitions, I’m not as stressed as before,” added Juška, who only managed to reached the final once in his three world championship appearances and last year’s championship in Eugene.

In the world rankings, Radek Juška is among the top ten among distance runners. If the Greek Miltiadis Tentoglou is at the top of the general classification, it is not he who jumps the farthest this year. The performance of 4 centimeters taller (842) was achieved only by twenty-one-year-old Indian Jeswin Aldrin. However, this happened already in March on Indian soil, and during the summer season the talented athlete appeared in Europe only three times. He last jumped a distance of 822 in Bern in early August.

Jamaican favorite Wayne Pinnock maintains a steady performance from eight yards out. He scored 832 in the Championship on home soil in July. Marquis Dandy jumped the best 834 this year and claimed the triumph with 814 in the home championship.

The qualification of the long-distance runners is on the program Wednesday from 11:15 a.m., and the final Thursday from 7:30 p.m.

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