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In Ostia, Antika arrives there Feast of Aslidini. Rome’s famous historic district of X Municipio is ready to host a new food and wine event. The initiative, designed for citizens and tourists who come to visit the seaside of Rome, will promote one of the most popular products in the Italian capital, even if it has an extraterritorial origin, coming from nearby Abruzzo.

The feast of Aslidini in Ostia Antitsa

TO Ostia Antica the feast of the Arrostician land. From September 7 to 10, four days to celebrate one of the most popular dishes of central Italy.

Labeled “Nuovo Faro APS”, the event will take place in the area of ​​the Ostia Antica Calcio sports center (via dei Romagnoli 656) and will also feature another of the world’s most consumed dishes: pizza. Open from 19 to 24.

Nuovo Faro APS: “An event that pays tribute to excellent Italian cuisine”

“In recent months – explains the president of the association Nuovo Faro Aps – Sergio Conforzi – we wanted to pay tribute to the great Italian cuisine by creating many happenings: from street food made in Italy, to the Roman tradition, the Amatriciana days”.

Arrostiki and pizza could not be missing, to complete the summer. “All with top quality products” he underlines.

What can you enjoy at the party?

For those who want bargains too enjoy porchetta sandwiches, sausage, hamburgers, fried fish, chips, supplì, arancini. And cool off with excellent spritzes. Rides for young and old, stands and entertainment thanks to the shows of Anthony Cordoba, one of the most popular Latin American dancers.

The event will essentially close in the summer inside the X City Hall. An event, as mentioned, able to combine the promotion of local food and wine and delicacies that are popular with the people of the area. As always, these types of events will take place in the venues associated with Ostia Antica Calcio, which already in recent weeks has had the opportunity to host important similar events in the field of food and wine.

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