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In Mianews, a special weekly newspaper dedicated to communication and information for the third sector in Milan and Lombardy, created in collaboration with the agency ‘Acrobats – Ideas words communication‘. Among the topics, campaigns, meetings, projects and appointments of large and small associations, foundations, organized groups in the service of social promotion and solidarity to talk about one of the most important and dynamic sectors of the region.

Progetto Arca’s Mobile Kitchen from Milan to Bari to provide meals to the homeless

After the launch and the positive results found in Milan, its mobile kitchen service Ark project has crossed the threshold of other Italian cities, including Rome and Naples, and is now also present in Bari. The new food truck will travel the streets of the city distributing over 100 full meals, cooked and healthy, to homeless people who live daily in street.
La Cucina Mobile was born in Milan from the experience gained in the field by operators and volunteers during the quarantine periods imposed by the pandemic, where canteens and other services to support the homeless were forced to close. “When suddenly, in March two years ago, we started meeting lonely and isolated people on the street who hadn’t eaten for days, we felt the need to change the way we help them, to improve our daily service to continue to be really helpful and close to those who are most fragile. So we literally put the wheels in the kitchen to reach those who needed us”, says Alberto Sinigallia, president of Progetto Arca. “The Mobile Kitchen, thus starting in Milan a few nights a week, has been a great success and to date we have multiplied the number of meals distributed and the number of cities reached.”
Meals distributed on the road are individual portions with a first and second course based on carbohydrates, meat and vegetables, always accompanied by soup and tea (hot or fresh according to the season) and also a backpack with a hearty breakfast for the next morning. In Bari, the distribution is carried out in collaboration with the volunteers of InConTra Odv, a reality that has been working in the territory for years to support people facing difficulties.
Sinigallia adds: “In order to put the Mobile Kitchen into operation and make it functional and useful every afternoon, day after day, a significant team effort is necessary: ​​therefore, I thank from the bottom of my heart all the operators and all the volunteers, without whom this would not be possible. And thanks to JTI Italia, who has been by our side for a long time to support those who live in weakness, who in this project allowed the purchase of the new food truck in Bari and the continuous supply of food to be cooked and distributed for all in the coming months.”
At the presentation in Bari of the Mobile Kitchen, the city authorities were also present: the Prefect Antonia Bellomo, the Mayor Antonio Decaro, the Councilor for Welfare, the Inclusive and Solidarity City of the City Council Francesca Bottalico.
The cities currently equipped with Progetto Arca’s Mobile Kitchen are Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Varese, Bari, with a total of 2,600 hot dinners and 2,600 breakfasts distributed every week. New openings are expected, including Padua and Mestre, in the second half of the year.

PIME: crowdfunding to grant summer camps to disadvantaged children

A month to give the opportunity to 45 children in conditions of economic and social instability to participate free of charge in the PIME Summer Centers held at the end of August and beginning of September organized in Milan, Monza, Calco, Busto Arsizio, Gorla Minore and the Treviso. After the first achievement of raising funds for 40 children, the PIME Foundation is relaunching the appeal of the “Education Mission. A step to shorten distances “to help 45 more attend college campuses.
“Our goal is to offer the younger generations the opportunity to live experiences in the name of sharing. After school, in big cities and inland, families where both parents work and where there is no family support network must find quality education centers in which they can trust their children,” the special page states. crowdfunding on the Ideaginger platform.
Fondazione Pime has a long educational experience in building summer campuses, which through play and fun transmit important values. The offer includes workshops, experts from the world, narratives – also in the language – and games from the traditions of different cultures, which “allow us to experience the possibility of changing the world together with others. Through a resilient approach, an inclusive look, responsible behaviors, care for one’s body and other people’s and attention to communication, we experience the many nuances of being together to experience a colorful summer that will be the result of energy and creativity. “.

Photography and environment: visits and workshops at the Centrale dell’Acqua

Lovers of photography and nature can join on Sunday 10 July the guided tours of “The image of nature”, an exhibition of naturalistic photography that collects the finalist works of the 2021 edition of the international BioPhotoContest and is organized at the Centrale dell’Acqua in Milan ( piazza Diocleziano 5) by the visual association BioArt in collaboration with Verdeacqua, bodies involved in the dissemination and awareness of environmental and nature issues. In addition to guided tours, children ages 6 and up can experience educational workshops to learn about the environments and animals depicted in the shots on display. There are 3 rounds of visits and workshops (11:30am, 3:30pm, 5:00pm). admission is free without reservation. Information and schedule here.

Theodora’s Doctors Dreams return to Buzzi Hospital

Dr. Sogni di Theodora returns to the Buzzi Hospital in Milan next to the hospitalized children and their families and, at the same time, two historic projects of the Foundation are restarted. The first is the surgical accompaniment of small patients in the Departments of Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology, during the pre-operative and post-operative phase, as well as assistance to families during the operation. Individual visits to the Departments of Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Intensive Paediatrics, Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Orthopedics are also returning. This program has been active at Buzzi Hospital for more than 20 years and involves around 2000 children every year. “We are gradually returning to the facilities where we operated before the health emergency. With emotion and joy we return to Buzzi, which we all know as the children’s hospital. Returning to the wards with Doctor Dreams means for us to be able to work on this concept of integrated care that considers the whole person that we have practiced in Italy since 1995 and in which we continue to work continuously, educate, share experiences and knowledge” comments Emanuela Basso Petrino, CEO of Theodora Foundation.

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