Afghanistan: Ministry of health workers can return to work in the ministry

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan as early as 1996-2001. The people of the country were then imposed a strict version of the Muslim law, which was brutally enforced.

At the time, women were deprived of the possibility of paid work and education, in public places they were only allowed to stay in the company of a male relative, they also had to wear burqas that covered the entire body, including the face. In Afghanistan it was forbidden to listen to music, watch TV, play certain sports and even fly a kite. The Taliban also persecuted religious minorities.

August 15 this year. the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan. Taliban officials are trying to portray the movement as much more tolerant than in the past. According to the Taliban’s announcement, women will be able to work and learn, and they will not be forced to cover their entire face, it is enough for them to wear hijabs that cover their hair. According to Al-Jazeera, there are also guarantees that women will be able to work in the government set up by the Taliban.

Many Afghan women do not believe in the Taliban’s vague and often vague statements about equality and respect for their rights, and are concerned about their future, the global media reported.

On Tuesday, Mujahid said women should stay at home because not all Taliban fighters had been instructed to behave towards them, endangering Afghan women. He stressed that this was only a temporary solution and that over time women would be able to return to work and school.

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