Agriculture as a climate protector: panel of experts at the Museum of the World of Work

STEYR. Together with Garstner Matthias Böhm (president of the biological association Earth & Seed), scientist Anita Idel and Bernhard Mittermüller from the Ministry of Climate Protection, the museum will kick off the event season on September 7. The theme of the evening is the importance of agriculture for climate protection and the role of sustainable grazing.

Climate change, biodiversity loss and increasing land use are impacting our livelihoods and food supply. Agriculture and we, as a society, face major challenges in order to improve our food system in the long term. How important is agriculture for climate protection and what can we do as a society to make our food supply more sustainable?

For agronomist and veterinarian Anita Idel, sustainable grazing and permanent grasslands have great potential for climate protection. These have a major impact on biodiversity and soil fertility. In her lecture, she talks about the chances of sustainable grazing for climate relief and the importance of grassland ecosystems as carbon reservoirs.

round table

The conference will be followed by a round table with Anita Idel, Matthias Böhm from the regional organic association Earth & Seed and Bernhard Mittermüller from the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, of innovation and technology.

What role can Austrian agriculture play in achieving climate goals? How can a farm operate in an ecologically sustainable and economically successful way? How important is the consumer? These and similar questions will be discussed with the audience. The evening will be hosted by Ursula Kopp.

Gartner expert

Matthias Böhm lives with his family in Garsten and operates an organic farm with suckler cows and direct marketing. Grassland-based feeding without the use of concentrate feed and mother-related calf rearing enable a sustainable and resource-efficient circular economy on the farm. He has also been working in the organic sector for more than 20 years and has been president of the organic association Earth & Saat since 2020: “I think that is also our task, that future ideas for reducing emissions and towards more climate neutral come from the farmers themselves must come. »

Perspective tour of the Future Food exhibition

From 6 p.m., interested parties have the opportunity to take part in a perspective tour of the exhibition Future Food – Essen for the world of tomorrow. In collaboration with the biological association Earth & Saat, certain parts of the exhibition will be visited and contextualized.

Conference and discussion | Climate-friendly agriculture

with Anita Idel, Matthias Böhm and Bernhard Mittermüller

September 7 at 7:30 p.m.

Admission fee

Registration at (also for the perspective visit): [email protected] or via Whats App

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