Åhus: Halmstad best of class F18

Halmstad Handboll won the F18 class beating Lugi HF. Photo; Lina Johnson.

Halmstad had full control of their own half and handled the passing game well to more open positions than Lugi HF in the F18 final. The clash came early and Halmstad also managed to protect their lead from Lugi’s thrilling replies with 10–6 at the end.

Halmstad rushed into the tournament with victory in all group stage matches, Lugi was at least undefeated in the first phase. Coincidentally, both teams’ quarter-finals ended 12–8. Lugi took the final step towards the final party by crushing Eslövs IK with five balls, while Halmstad were under more pressure by Kristianstad HK (15-14 at the end).

All this was preceded by the good atmosphere and the great crowd around the center court at 10 p.m.

Halmstad started with an early goal and a save from Frida Johansson so the lead was quickly doubled. Elaborate attacks continued from Team Halland, Lugi opening the scoring through Tuva Hansen, but it was attacking options that floated for Burgundy.

Deepfield Alice Wibäck made sure Lugi at least had something to fight for, goalkeeper Johansson was behind as many parries and Halmstad pulled in more turnovers with a steady lead.

Frida Johansson worked into a five-goal lead for Halmstad, Lugi only managed to score six balls which gave the winning team extra peace and quiet in performance until the Golden Jubilee.

Halmstad Handball–Lugi HF 10–6

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