Åhus: OV Helsingborg finished solidly in P17

OV Helsingborg beat Lugi 13-11. Photo: Lina Johansson,

OV Helsingborg saved the decision against Lugi HF until the final minutes. A few goals from the free edge and an alert keeper were important ingredients in the chorus of the thrilling battle that ended 13-11.

The derby duel between two polished teams began in front of a cheering crowd around center court. OV Helsingborg and Lugi lived on streaks of success, OV’s only point loss in the group stage was against another Burgundy side, towards the end of the play-offs the Scania duo mixed steady wins with more pressured chances.

Ferocious attacks and quick passes characterized the even fight from the start. Both teams have also mastered the art of adjusting and changing ends if closed on one side. Brilliant changes of pace were legion and equalizers came close, for example 7-7 after the semi-final.

It was even with two minutes left when Alfred Arnelin’s OV penalty found the net to make it 10-10. Olle Berndt found a gap from the edge at 11-10 on the board and converted the performance after a blocked attempt from Lugi. Lundalahget lost sharpness in combination with the fact that Sixten Krantz in the Helsingborg goal almost stopped everything towards the end.

Lugi had to settle for a consolation goal, OV tied the performance with two more goals at the final whistle.

VO Helsingborg HK–Lugi HF 13–11

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