Amalfi: A weekend of commitment and fun for the ACR “CIAO party”.

It was a weekend full of fun and reflection for the children and youth of Amalfi who enthusiastically participated in the ACR of Amalfi's CIAO party, held on Saturday afternoon, November 4, at the Center Mon. E. Marini and Sunday morning, November 5 at the Cathedral.

“Ciao” is the most famous Italian word, but who knows its origin and meaning? The greeting “ciao” comes from an ancient Venetian greeting, “s'ciavo”, meaning “slave” (implied: yours), with a clear commitment to “serve” the person to whom the greeting was addressed. The beauty of the Italian language means that the word, compared to other languages, is used both when you meet and when you say goodbye, it is a desire to put yourself at the disposal of your interlocutor. This is exactly the point of the comma, to carry a message: the ACR is the starting point of the associative experience. In fact, this is where passion is born, the desire to be the protagonist of one's life is born, the desire to be devoted Christians is born. Words that may seem excessive perhaps for a little boy or girl, who seem to just want to play and have fun. In fact, at ACR we have fun, play games, laugh and sing, but at the same time we reflect on important issues. And this year's theme is “This is your home!”, with a clear reference to respect and care for the environment.

ACR 2023 poster

– Few things in the world can surprise and amaze as much as the beauty of lakes and rivers, the majesty of mountains, among the waves of the sea, the smells and sensations of forests and forests. Designated as “natural protected areas”, created as places to preserve local flora and fauna, nature reserves are like little corners of paradise where you can discover the world's various ecosystems in their original form: true open-air museums that tell the story of landscape, nature and history of unique areas. These places play a primary role, as they protect areas of great naturalistic value that would otherwise be at risk of being deformed by human activity. Nature nourishes, quenches thirst, warms, offers beauty and love: a masterpiece that makes life possible. It has the ability to transform and regenerate itself thanks to the work of people, professionals and others, who care for it, are committed to preserving its fragility and enhancing its beauty. A place to observe and love, a place to live and project into the logic of 'us'. –

The celebration ended with a pledge: as the farmer plants the seeds, sees the plants grow and gathers the fruits, let the seed of peace grow in all.

Special thanks go to the parish priest, Don Antonio Porpora, who is always involved with passion to involve the new generations in the Christian activities of the community, to the teachers of the ACR of Amalfi, the veterans Maria Buonocore, Gerarda Carrano, Anna Dipino , Silvana Gambardella, Milena Mancini and Teresa Minutolo, who dedicate their time, their ideas and their energy with the aim of leaving a tangible “sign” of Christianity in the minds and hearts of the new generations, to the new educators Aurora Amendola, Alessia Di. Lieto , Carmen Fusco, Giovanni Fusco (joker and allrounder), Ferdinando Gambardella, Mariarita Lucibello and Paola Rispoli, who involve children in group games and small games with an environmental theme, fostering healthy competition in groups.

It is thanks to all of them that our children feel “at home”!!!

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