Amazon in Vercelli opens European Innovation Lab to test new technologies that improve work –

Amazon presented the Vercelli Innovation Lab, where the new ones are developed technologies for the company’s logistics activities not only in Italy, but at European level. There are for example the mobile Drive Units, introduced for the first time by Amazon in 2012 and arrived in Europe in 2014, today widely present in the factories of the company, which they support employees by bringing them objects, thus reducing the distances to be covered.

From robotic arm to autonomous vehicles

Among the new technologies is a fully automated sorting system for individual items, which eliminates the need for the operator to search for products inside large containers. A pallet truck i.e. a large robotic arm that eliminates the need for forklifts to move pallets and automatically moves various items from one location to another. The Tote Retriever, which lifts plastic containers by automatically positioning them on conveyor belts and autonomous vehicles that move smoothly around the site bringing the items to the operators, reducing their trips and the need to manually move the carts. Sorting robots, on the other hand, are gods small robotic arms that eliminate repetitive tasks for operators how to lift, stack and handle containers.

Amazon EU Operation Vice President: We continue to invest

At Amazon, the health and safety of employees is our top priority and we are constantly striving to improve security measures in our centers. Indeed, our goal is to become the safest workplace in the world – he explained. Stefano Perego, Vice President of European Operations at Amazon – For this reason, we continue to invest in technology and training of our workers and, while introducing new robotic technologies to serve our employees, we continue to hire and create jobs, supporting people and communities . The laboratory takes care of test and develop future technologies that will further improve security in Amazon centers in Europe, as well as offering support to workers in carrying out their daily tasks.

The EU Advanced Technology Manager: essential employee contribution

Once the implementation phase is complete, the maintenance of new technologies is managed by the Amazon RME team (Reliability, Maintenance and Engineering) which takes care of guarantee constant safety also through training sessions which involve all the employees of the center during the implementation of these innovations. We work closely with health and safety experts, perform thousands of inspections every day at our centers and have introduced many changes based on worker feedback on how to further improve their work experience – a- he declared. Stefano La Rovere, European Head of Advanced Technologies at Amazon – As we implement new technology and start training our staff, the continuous feedback we receive directly from our employees helps us refine and improve. Their essential contribution to the development of the right technology to support their business.

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