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Kungsbacka’s Zackarias Johansson is one of the best Swedes in the FIFA 21 soccer game. He will now be one of 32 players to win the e-Champions League title.

Zackarias Johansson represents the Malm FF esports team.

E-SPORTS. He has already won the e-Allsvenskan, which is the most prestigious you can win in Sweden. Now Zackarias Johansson has taken the international stage seriously, as he will play against the world’s elite.

It will be really fun, says Johansson.

What did the selections look like?
This has been going on since last fall. From the start, we were 2000 players. Of these, 242 qualified for the final qualification. There we played a number of matches and the 32 players who ended up with the most wins went to the e-Champions League play-offs.

Can earn large sums of money

Johansson, who represents Malm FF on a daily basis, will play for a prize money of US $ 280,000 at the tournament, which begins in May.

This amount will be distributed to the 32 players involved, depending on your background. I am guaranteed 10,000 Swedish kronor, I think.

What do you think of your chances?
It will be hard, of course, but I am at the same time for a reason. I certainly have the chance to win.

Just getting to the tournament is the biggest thing that has happened to Johansson so far in his esports career. Winning the tournament would of course surpass him. But what exactly is the big goal?

Clearly win the World Cup. This is the most important thing you can do, and to get there you have to perform very well for a long time. But that’s the point.

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