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The new season of Gardaland Magic Halloween has started, an event that is especially expected this year after the reopening. Here is all the news from the green card to the bookings, of course at the sights.

Four especially in the beginning Scary Friday in the program, special nights with the park opening from 5 pm to 10 pm, during which Gardaland turns into a fun scary for an exciting evening dedicated to young people, who are invited to immerse themselves in the atmosphere created by many live animations.

The guests are greeted by the show “Welcome to Friday Scary Night“But then they have to be vigilant because zombies, vampires and many other creatures are ready to surprise them when they least expect it. Don’t miss the new show.”Gothic“, Set in the early 1800s in which a young woman is challenged by a hypnotist to a state of sleepwalking that allows her to enter a dark world. the show sees an alternation of choreographies, high-profile acrobatic numbers and the figure of the illusory Alberto Giorgi – an internationally recognized Italian artist – with incredible magical illusions.

Every weekend is the show “Welcome, it’s Halloween “, starring the beloved mascot Prezzemolo and the dancers in new scarecrow costumes, to welcome visitors every morning to the notes of a new song dedicated to Halloween.

The most successful shows of the season also continue, such as the “44 Gatti Rock Show”, “Gardaland Awards – Life is a Movie” and the meeting & greeting with Peppa Pig and Prezzemolo to which many themed halloween are added: Hacienda Miguel goes on stage “Day of the Dead“, A show inspired by the traditional Mexican festival full of colors, music, dances and joy, with new costumes, new choreography and songs performed by Gardaland singers.

Al Fantasy Theater, for the little ones, on stage The Fantalibro, a new show starring Prezzemolo and his friends: the story takes place in the basement of Lomur castle, where Zenda is hiding, from which the protagonists must be able to steal the precious Fantalibro. new songs, moments of interaction with the children’s audience and, at the end of the show, the opportunity to take a souvenir photo. Among the travel shows, ready to surprise visitors on the streets of the Park: The devil puppet, thematic puppet show e The Magic Shock starring a talented performer of “street magic”.

Gardaland Magic Halloween continues at the rest of the resort, such as the Gardaland Hotel and the Gardaland Adventure Hotel and Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium where themed decorations such as pumpkins and skeletons allow you to experience, in an original way, the discovery of the many sea creatures that inhabit the tanks. The Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium is open from October 10 until November 8 only on Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 until 18:00.

Attention to safety remains high throughout the Gardaland Resort, with the mandatory booking of the date of access to the Park and the mandatory use of a mask. Fun with absolute safety: every attraction will be disinfected daily and in every boarding and disembarking cycle. It is always mandatory to use the mask during your walk around the attraction and to disinfect your hands before boarding. to avoid crowds and limit queuing, you will be able to book your shift using theQoda application.

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