Another sudden death! The champion died just before the race

Death which arouses much speculation. One tragic piece of news after another shakes the bodybuilding world. In front of the most prestigious bodybuilding and fitness company Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend 2021, one of the leading bodybuilders, George Peterson, was found in his hotel room with no sign of life. Bodybuilder is another in a series of competitors who passed away this year.

In one month this year, seven (!) Competitors have died, including the most famous Czech bodybuilder Alena (Kosinová) Hatvani, who died hours before the race at just 46, apparently of a heart attack. In the past, she suffered two cancers linked to cancer. But serious health problems did not stop her.

Now, shortly before the start of the competition, one of today’s most famous and best fighters has passed away. Last year’s Tampa Pro competition champion and three-time Classic Physique Olympia bronze medalist were just 37 years old.

Peterson was found dead in his hotel room. The cause of death has yet to be announced, but immediately began to speculate that his heart could not bear the enormous burden the contestants placed on themselves ahead of the competition.

Very emotionally, coach Justin Miller bade farewell to his manager, who found Peterson in a room with no sign of life. “I’m shocked, I’m scared, I’m sad. I’m completely overwhelmed. As I write this my hands are shaking,” he wrote in his Instagram post. Miller said the day before the tragic death , the American champion was in good spirits, in great shape and full of strength.

What is heartbreaking is the news of his death. Many well-known names in the bodybuilding field comment on it. “I’m shocked George was an absolute legend. I’ve always been grateful to have been able to share a podium with him,” wrote for example Peterson’s colleague Chris Bumstead.

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