Aranäs lost – he still continued

Robert Ladan. Photo: Michael Erichsen/Bildbyrån.

HK Aranäs invited HK Varberg and gave the guests a chance to advance to the quarterfinals. The focus on reducing numbers to within an acceptable margin pushed Kungsbackal’s side even further on a semi-crisp evening.

Aranäs qualified for the quarter-finals for the first time with a margin of three balls in total. To this extent, Monday’s result is an unquestionable success. The recipe for victory was still questionable, the home team was definitely not good at the start and 0-3 quickly became 1-9.

Carl Aronius supported Varberg with inspired goalkeeping play and Linus Lindberg created space on the left flank.

Aranäs burned the penalties and had things to say with 8-15 at the halfway point. In this situation, Varberg was in the next round given that there were six balls from the start. However, the pace spoke in favor of the elite team, Robert Ladan (ten goals) started with his rushes and Patrick Bols took more and more shots.

Overall, Aranäs managed to bring the numbers down, but it required a real relief when Varberg found themselves ten goals ahead with twelve minutes remaining.

The change of goalkeeper by Malte Johansson had the desired effect, Petter Donaldson also took over with three of his five complete strikes in the closing stages.

The scoreboard read 24-27, Aranäs finally had the last word and appeared in the quarter-finals.

HK Aranäs – HK Varberg 24-27 (8-15)
Aranäs further with 52-49 in total.

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