Arezzo Nadia Bredice bronze medal at the Paralpinism World Championships

Arezzo Nadia bredice won the bronze medal at the world championships para-climbing which are underway in Moscow. In the women’s B2 race, she was preceded only by the Briton Abigail, 23. Robinson (third consecutive gold medal for her) and by Austrian Edith Scheinecker.

Registered with the company “Vertical Arezzo”, born with the aim of promoting the discipline of sport climbing in town and in the provinces, Nadia has won numerous career titles. Last May, she graduated as vice-champion of Italy ad Arch of Trent in the blind category, now the third step of the podium in Russia.

In Italy, the sport of paraclimb and specialclimb is managed by FASI (Italian Federation of Sport Climbing). In paraclimb, athletes with disabilities are divided into different categories including blind, amputee and motor (in turn divided into subcategories based on type and skill level). The special climb instead, it groups athletes with intellectual relational difficulties into various categories.

Scapecchi: “Congratulations. Sport as an opportunity for redemption “

“Great satisfaction for Nadia Bredice d’Arezzo and good news for the sport. The bronze medal won by Nadia in a world championship highlights two aspects: the first is that even less well-known disciplines, in this case paralpinism, sport climbing, deserve attention and respect. The second concerns sport as an opportunity for revenge and redemption, as we have seen fully with the Paralympic Games. The fact that Nadia is visually impaired did not prevent her from equipping herself with the human strength and character to excel in her beloved activity. Finally, I am proud that Arezzo Verticale, the company of which Nadia is a member, is the amateur association that manages the municipal sports climbing center near the Palazzetto delle Caselle. We wish Nadia to continue with similar successes throughout her career.

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