As in F1. Mercedes in the DTM used team direction, helped win the title

Although the DTM series has moved on to GT3 sports car racing this year, some ways of the “Formula 1” era with a roof have remained. For example, orders to avoid anyone on the path to triumph.

Last year, in the expensive stages marked Class 1, only drivers of two brands raced in the prestigious German DTM touring car series. The championship was on the verge of collapse and his boss, successful former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger, was looking for a way out of the vicious circle.

He found her in humility. The DTM ditched the ambitious plan of a common category with the Japanese Super GT and moved on to significantly cheaper GT3 specification cars. That is, cars which, with the exception of Le Mans, dominate the world of endurance racing and sports cars in general.

It was a good stage, as cars from seven brands have appeared on the starting grid this season. The DTM had to find its place in the sun in competition with the established German championships in the same category ADAC GT Masters (sprints) and Nürburgring Langstrecken Serie (endurance). Without forgetting the pan-European GT World Challenge Europe.

Here, the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters fulfilled its number one task. The competition under the traditional brand attracted renowned teams as well as quality drivers and the final rounds of the final race decided the title.

Drama in sight from Zeppelinfeld

However, the end of the season at the Norisring was a reminder that all the manners of the old “Formula 1 without roofs” were not forgotten with the arrival of the new platform.

On Sunday, three drivers left for the short but difficult circuit in Nuremberg, right next to the former Nazi assembly center Zeppelinfeld, on Sunday.

Only 19-year-old Red Bull protege Liam Lawson had a luxurious 19-point lead over his Kelvin van der Linde sock in Audi after winning three points. Maximilian Götz and Mercedes were the last three points behind the title chance.

His 22-point loss seemed astronomical, earning the final 25 points for his Norisring triumph. But the first lap already showed that the chances of the German driver are not in vain.

Much like in Saturday’s race, the two series leaders made contact in the opening pin, as Lawson bounced off the broken suspension of his Ferrari.

But Van der Linde was not on horseback either. He received a five-second penalty for shortening the course when entering a turn. Therefore, for tactical reasons, the South African tried to delay the pit path as much as possible until the obligatory stop.

Heavy traffic on the air

After her he returned to the track in third place, richly securing the title, but even the ABT team drivers were not wanted. After contact with one of the opponents, the fault came and fell somewhere in the basements of Lawson’s standings.

Götz suddenly found himself in third place, just ten points from the title. At that point, Mercedes remembered how their fellow Formula 1 did it.

First, the German driver in the colors of Mercedes-AMG Team Winward dodged the German driver in second place. It didn’t take another three laps and Götz was respectfully dismissed by Austrian Lucas Auer of the same team as Ellis.

For the last four laps, the rider with glasses from Uffenheim took advantage of the sensations of a champion. Massive celebrations could erupt after crossing the finish line. “I gave everything. I walked on it the whole race. I wanted to try my luck, no matter how small. And in the end we really succeeded,” he said to Götz.

“The same idiots make the same mistakes.”

Despite the dissatisfaction of many fans, Mercedes representatives defended the team’s leadership. “We have seven cars at the start. All drivers know they will get something and give something. These are the advantages of our system,” said Thomas Jäger, Mercedes-AMG Customer Program Manager.

The big favorite for the title Lawson was not as angry with Mercedes as he was with rival Van der Linde and his blind racing style.

“I gave it an absolute max every weekend and we really wanted to reward the team with the title. But sometimes you just can’t help yourself when the same idiots make the same mistakes,” the Neo reminded him. 19-year-old Zealander. the South African rider has embarked on his races at the Norisring.

“I’ve always said that braking here in the first corner is very difficult. Honestly, we were surprised by what happened. The brakes didn’t work the way I expected. So I had to. do an avoidance maneuver, I certainly did not want to enter it, “he defended himself. Van der Linde.

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