At Sagra della Porchetta, party from the 90s to the 2000s with Nuovantas

At the Porchetta festival in Costano, the party of the 90s-2000s live with Nuovantas, a unique and exciting show

“Unique and exciting show, with new surprises. We await you bright and phosphorescent.’ This is how Nuovantas introduce themselves on their Facebook page. The live 90-2000 Party arrives at Costano and right at Porchetta FestivalFriday, August 25 at 10 p.m.

Nuovanta is a new project dedicated to the best pop and dance music of the 90s and 2000s. An explosion of hits related to period the most wanted historian ever!! Every concert is unique, incredibly overwhelming and full of energy! An amusement train ready to engage all kinds of audiences. This is how a Nuovanta concert becomes a real event!

The female voice of Nuovantas is Lorraine Catana. Male vocals bring the Defenders brand to the stage with Francis Ferrari.

The experience, the attention to musical details and the great continuous work of the musicians always give positive feedback for each proposed medley, all live, all to hear, see and dance!

From Britney Spears to the Spice Girls, from Lady Gaga to Riky Martin, from Gabry Ponte to the Black Eyed Peas. And many, many more!

This evening is offered by the Municipality of Bastia Umbra.

Access to the festival site, which has a large parking area, can be done daily, as early as 5 p.m., when the pork stand and the bar will open.

The festival menu enriched with various dishes: there is a new appetizer, a pork steak and a torte al testo with ham and pecorino cheese, the “Tortello Quaranta”, a ravioli stuffed with porchetta and pulled pork. It’s a pulled pork shoulder with tender and juicy meat, seasoned with barbecue sauce and enjoyed in a bun! Pork originates from the southern United States, but has become a huge hit around the world, especially among street food enthusiasts. Don’t miss the bruschetta fancier, spring starter, beans and pork rinds as starters. Among the first dishes we can mention the penna al norcina, the polenta or the gnocchi del porchetta and, as mentioned, the Tortello Quaranta. Second courses include pork belly with cake, steak, mixed grill, pork knuckle and, of course, pulled pork.

But there are several places in the festival, besides the pavilion and the tavern, there is the bar pavilion, which is taken care of by the young people, where there is a place for aperitifs and then the corner of gluttons, the Porchettaio museum and the dance floor with the best orchestras.

The festival will continue until August 27, here are the opening hours of the stands: Porchetta Pavilion at 5pm, Bar at 5pm, food stops at 7pm, Corner of the Ghiottone at 8pm, at 9.30pm dance nights with the best dance music orchestras.

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