At Socjale di Piangipane the show “Good education” by Piccola Compagnia Dammacco

The Al Socjale Review (created in collaboration with the Teatro Socjale di Piangipane) continues Saturday 16 October from 21 with “Good training “by Piccola Compagnia Dammacco, a show for which the protagonist Serena Balivo won the Ubu award in 2017 in the category of young actress or singer.

It is the theme of transmitting values ​​that gives life to this work of drama and rehearsal of an actress, a dense and multi-layered female character, who welcomes viewers to the theater of her own mind, where she has the potential to grow the influence of open channels with the past and shatter certainties, between puzzled tones and bitter thoughts. After the show, the company will meet the audience in a dialogue with Eliana Tazzari, teacher of Liceo Scientifico “A. Oriani ”of Ravenna.

Good education is the play written and directed by Mariano Dammacco and represents the latest act of the End of the World Trilogy designed by the new company that since 2009 explores issues of modern existence through a language that combines poetry and irony , the grotesque and the surreal The In this play, the companion formed by playwright and director Dammacco and actress Serena Balivo – 2017 Ubu Award for Best Actress under 35 – again faces an original drama, with a theater that places the actor and the word at the center, in a multi-year balance between passion and fun, in an equally original stage space designed by the director himself along with set designer and designer Stella Monesi.

A woman has to take care of a young man, the last heir of her origin. It must host him in his life, in his home, in his mind, he must educate him, he must plan his future, he must contribute to the building of a new man. Serena Balivo brings this woman to life on stage, welcomes the audience to the theater of her mind and shares with them the path she follows to fulfill her work. Will it respond to the project? Good education is moved by some questions: what are the values, the content, the ideas that are transmitted today from one person to another? What are the contributors to this content transmission? What is the use of these contents, these values, these ideas? What are they preparing us for?

Good training with Serena Balivo
concept, drama and direction by Mariano Dammacco
stage by Mariano Dammacco and Stella Monesi
still photo Luca Del Pia
production Piccola Compagnia Dammacco / Teatro di Dioniso
in collaboration with L’arboreto Teatro Dimora, Teatro Franco Parenti, Primavera dei Teatri
with the support of the artistic houses Compagnia Diaghilev Van Westerhout Theater Residence, Novoli Theater Residence – Active Theater Principle – Factory Compagnia Transadriatica, Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro, Capotrave Kilowatt / Bando Sillumina Siae 2017, Theater Residence Qui e Ora
Winning text of the Italian and American Playwrights 2020/22 project

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