At the party, he cut the throat of the juice with a piece of beer and the court reduced his sentence to 6 years

“In our opinion, a sentence of half a percent of the sentence is enough,” said Martin Zelenka, chairman of the Board of Appeal, to reduce the sentence imposed in mid-April by the Pilsen District Court. According to him, it was necessary to take into account Polívka’s regret for his actions or his attempt to offer help in the cut. The sentence in this case is three to ten years.

Polívka, on the other hand, was aggravated by the fact that the collision itself was caused by him and during the fragmentation attack he should have known that he was heading to the place where the vital organs were located. “It was a conscious and targeted attack,” Zelenka said.

Polívka claims he did not know he was going to attack Sok’s throat, but he certainly did not want to. According to his lawyer, it was an accident, there was no intention to injure the victim.

“I’m sorry, I did not lead the attack on the neck, it was an unfortunate accident. “I’m sorry, it was not appropriate,” Polivka told the court on Tuesday. He was initially tried for attempted murder, but the court, after receiving evidence, reclassified the act as grievous bodily harm.

The match took place last year on the last day of July at a party in Nýrsko in Pošumaví. After several drunken beers and shootings, Polívka started arguing with one of the guests at the restaurant, who was then defended by her husband.

He started arguing and stroking Polívka, until Polívka “hit a pint of beer on the ground with a pint of beer” to secure control of the fight, the court wrote, leaving a fragment in his hand. Armed with it, he threw himself at his opponent, knelt on him and cut his throat with one blow. The man then had to undergo surgery at the hospital, spent a week in the hospital there and was incapacitated for another five Sundays.

Polívka tried to give the injured person first aid with a trouser belt, but people began to converge on the spot and, according to one witness, probably wanted to hit Polívka, so he ran away. Police later arrested him thanks to witnesses at a nearby hostel.

Recidivist Polívka has fifteen registry entries and carried out the attack three months after his release from a previous sentence of six years for robbery. According to experts, its re-socialization is almost impossible.

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