Attractive for owners – the hedge can pose a danger to traffic

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Many landowners in the community have a tall, bushy hedge around the plot and, in some cases, at street intersections, which obscures the view of road users. This can pose a danger to traffic, which is why it is necessary to act now.

Individuals from Strömsund have contacted us and would like us to try to contact someone who is responsible for the fact that landowners who have these untrimmed bushy hedges that obscure the view of vehicular traffic need to be corrected. Yes, of course, it is the owner himself who is responsible and no one else. But we still call the municipality, environment and construction of Strömsund, Erik Casselbrant, the director, to find out if they can do anything about it. And this is how he responds:

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– The municipality has no choice follow up if the owners have a hedge that they do not maintain, if it could constitute an obstacle to traffic, but this responsibility falls on them. Then you can consider that if I have a neighbor who should cut the hedge because it poses a traffic hazard, then it should be reasonable to speak to the owner and report the danger.

-In addition, you drive in a company then you have to adjust the speed according to the circumstances. If visibility is obscured at an intersection, then you need to brake to maintain control of the situation, says Casselbrant and continues:

-Due to the narrowness of the municipality In an economy where there is virtually no money for school and health care, it is unthinkable to set aside money to pull down society’s covers. No, it’s a private matter, he clarifies.

So with these lines, perhaps landowners who read the text will take a look at the hedgerows adjacent to level crossings in the community and address the problems of road users. The problem cannot be blamed on the municipality, but it is up to each landowner.

Text: Barbro Ericson