Audi, the direction according to the House of the Four Rings. Design and technology for the interface between driver and car

INGOLSTADT – From design to integrated technology, steering for Audi is the interface par excellence between man and car. For the House of the Four Rings, the steering is indeed a defining element in defining the character of the cars, so much so that it is designed according to the guidelines of responsiveness and handling both in maneuvering and in more driving. dynamic. Precisely during the phases of movement, the precision of the steering forms the basis of the feeling between the car and the driver. An objective, this one, to which the sensors responsible for detecting the angle of the steering wheel in real time help to harmonize assistance and power reduction. The main goal of Audi engineers is to achieve a clear and predictable response regardless of the forces acting on the front axle, while ensuring stability, handling and traction as well as good absorption of the imperfections of the vehicle. asphalt. Balanced steering has linear reactions at each step and communicates the near physical limits to the driver.

Limits beyond which they occur phenomena such as understeer or oversteer. Depending on the size, performance and vocation of each car, Audi gives the management a specific characterization. Moving through a range of settings, the engineers of the Four Rings tailor the setup from car to car, taking into account different engine and body configurations. The sporty models of the S and RS ranges, for example, benefit from benchmark responsiveness, while the SUV and Avant benefit from a calibrated balance between stability, comfort and sportiness. The possibilities for customization are further enhanced by the Audi Drive Select dynamics management system, which allows the steering setting to be matched to the selected driving style and driving program. The rim of the steering wheel, today, is much more than a simple tool for changing direction: it is rather the interface par excellence between man and machine.

Today, thanks to the multifunction controls, multiple functions can be managed in the area of ​​communication, infotainment and comfort options. Over time, the steering wheels have become real control units with special characteristics such as sporty look, ergonomics, intuitiveness and high functionality. The ultimate expression of Audi technology in steering systems is represented by the combination of dynamic steering and all-wheel steering. Available for models in the Audi A6, A7 Sportback and Audi A8 series, dynamic all-wheel steering combines sporty, direct response with benchmark stability.

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