Aviation week “starts” with speed



The traditional Flykälen week kicks off on Tuesday and Saturday and, as usual, there will be Tractor Pulling, which attracts both competitors and spectators to the venue. An exciting event that offers something for everyone.

It is to the delight of many that the Flykälen week lives up to it. Let them invest in something familiar and exciting. It’s everything from cake icing to kams and a pub with entertainment.

We are now ready for the 17th year with Flykälen week with tractor traction, which Bo Ottosson was behind. He had attended a tractor pulling competition somewhere in Sweden and was completely excited. It was something he absolutely wanted to start at Flykälen, and it became a hit with the public. The first time the event was held was 19 years ago but due to the pandemic there was a two year hiatus but the festivities have resumed and now it will be 17 years with ” shutters open and at full speed” in the village.

And as I said, on Saturday it ‘starts’ strong when it comes to Tractor Pulling, which was won last year by Olle Andersson from Hammerdal. Then there will be After trucking with prize giving.

Those of you who want to be part of a real village fete can read the full program in their announcement which can be found on our page.

Text: Barbro Ericson

Archival photography: Catherine Blixth