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AVIGLIANA – Luca Cane forAvigliana Scholastic Institute in the Kangaroo final in Cervia.


In Cervia the national final of the Kangourou, a mathematical competition involving students of all ages from all over the world. This year the Avigliana School had its representative: Luca Cane who distinguished himself in the Benjamin category accompanied by Professor Riccio. Luca’s adventure in the Kangaroo final was made even more special by a prize: the afternoon in Mirabilandia, which added a touch of joy and fun to this high-level competition. The Kangourou final is one of the most anticipated events in school mathematics in Italy. Students of all ages compete to solve a series of interesting math problems, which require creativity, logic and a solid understanding of mathematical concepts. The Benjamin class, dedicated to sixth and seventh graders, is a proving ground for young talents who wish to demonstrate their mathematical skills.


The Kangaroos national final in Cervia was a day of intense competition, but Luca Cane proved he was up to the challenge by solving problems with determination. But the weekend wasn’t all maths and tension. The Kangourou final in Cervia was a great experience for Luca Cane and the Avigliana Comprehensive Institute. It has proven that the passion, dedication and guidance of skilled teachers can lead to great results. Luca shined in this high level competition and his experience in Mirabilandia added a touch of joy and fun to this mathematical adventure. In conclusion, Luca Cane and the Istituto Comprensivo di Avigliana can be extremely proud of their success in the Kangourou final in Cervia. This experience will remain in their hearts as a special moment, full of personal fulfillment and fun. Maths was the star of the day, but it was also an opportunity to celebrate the talent and commitment of the students.


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