Barbie, Ncuti Gatwa was also nervous on set because of Ryan Gosling

Ncuti Gatwa recalls how he experienced the first month of filming on set, constantly disturbed by Ryan Gosling.

Ncuti Gatwa confesses that acting in his cast Barbie helped him cope and manage his anxiety. All thanks to you Ryan Goslingaccording to the known to the public primarily for the actor’s performance in Sexual education (which will soon end its run with the fourth season arriving on Netflix). In the Barbie cast, however, Ncuti Gatwa plays one of many Knowledge who reside Barbieland and who sides with Ryan Gosling’s Ken in an internal battle. Recalling her experience on set, she confessed that she felt very embarrassed at first, especially because Ryan Goslingbut that I managed to overcome the difficulties.

Barbie, Ncuti Gatwa recalls being embarrassed on the set of Ryan Gosling

Today Barbie continues to be a box office hit and break one record after another. Directed film Greta Gerwigturned the Mattel doll into a live action version with his features Margot Robbie. The actress played the stereotypical Barbie Barbieland, forced to face a journey into the real world that will allow her to open her eyes and face a true existential crisis. In between there are the Kens who at some point discover what patriarchy is and try to apply it to Barbieland as well. Speaking into his microphones EllaNcuti Gatwa recalled how nervous he was on the set of Barbie.

I was so nervous I barely spoke the first month. There was a moment when I was talking to Greta and I turned around and Ryan Gosling was looking at me. His eyes were so blue I thought I was going to pass out. I drowned in her eyes.

Over time, this embarrassment faded and Ncuti Gatwa was also able to appreciate the fun. As you specify Ella, Barbie was the first all-female film production for Ncuti Gatwa. “I noticed it was also the kindest and most empathetic set I’ve ever been on.” In addition, the actor recalled that Margot Robbie has organized various initiatives, such as participating in one Magic Mike show with the whole cast.

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