Bayern are a huge challenge, but nothing for young Czech goalkeepers, says Drobný

When the news of the light that former goalkeeper Jaroslav Drobný will work at Bayern Munich as a junior goalkeeper coach came to light, it was news like thunder. However, the former player of Fulham, Hamburger SV, Werder Bremen or České Budějovice admits in an interview with the agency Sport Invest that he has already reached an agreement with the German giant.

At the end of last season, Drobný ended his career as an active player by wearing the České Budějovice jersey until the age of 42. In recent months, however, he has alternated with the promising Vojtěch Vorl. “We have been living in Munich since the summer so that the children can start the school year in the new school.

The fact that it’s a job with young people, and not a team of adults, but Tiny doesn’t care at all, on the contrary. I received an offer to work with young people, I accepted it with enthusiasm and absolute respect. Anything other than a 100% focus on the work in hand is unthinkable. I always wanted my teammates to the max and I always have it with myself. Bayern’s first team isn’t just the highest possible goal in training, I’m not looking there at the moment. “ said Drobný, who also breathedly adds that hiring in the first team would also be a huge challenge for him.

He likes to work for a Bavarian club all the more because Bayern is the best club in the world. I understand this is a relatively subjective assessment, but the organization, the work system and the winning mentality I just see the club on top. And to be a part of it is an honor for me. “ Tiny said enthusiastically.

However, he would not recommend hiring at Bayern for young Czech goalkeepers. With all due respect to the boys in the Czech league, I wouldn’t do it now. This is not an underestimation of Czech goalkeepers, but it is a huge specificity of a team like Bayern. In addition, there were historically great German guardians, representatives. And the German goalkeeper school continues to produce excellent goalkeepers. However, I think some young goalkeepers, who are now at big clubs abroad and absorb their access to football there, will be lucky, for example, in the future. “

A small new employer toppled Leverkusen 5: 1 over the weekend.

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