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Paul Breitner wants to celebrate his 70 years “normally” this Sunday.


09/05/2021 | Status: 3:47 p.m.

“Without a lot of fanfare, without gifts. In general, I don’t need a birthday or a special day to celebrate with family or friends,” the 1974 world football champion said in an interview. at “Welt am Sonntag”.

He picked up a few bottles of wine from the cellar and always decides in the morning what to drink in the evening, the former FC Bayern professional said. Munich. He developed a passion for wine during his time at Real Madrid. “It was normal for people to eat a lot before a game and for red wine to be on the table. At first I thought it was crazy,” said Breitner. “After a few games, I found out that we were winning and that no one would crack down on the pitch.”

Paul Breitner remains a FC Bayern fan

Breitner said in the interview that he “wouldn’t want to trade for a second with today’s players.” “My goal is to compare my free life with the life of today’s gamers, which is shaped by the Internet and hardly allows for privacy,” said Breitner. “We could go to Oktoberfest or to a hostel. Just live.” He was able to play cards at the regulars table. “Of course, we were viewed a little differently, but with respect,” said Breitner.

Football has bored him for a long time. “It has become calculable. This coming and going of the ball annoys me. There is hardly any courage,” said the ex-professional with the dazzling football career. He now only watches FC Bayern and Real Madrid matches, if not little.

Paul Breitner recently had to say goodbye to his former teammate and friend Gerd Müller.

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