Beach games, how to be cool with beach tennis and Puzzle Week under your arms

There is no vacation without it table football, rackets and decks. Whether it is the need to recover and escape from the stress of the city and work or because you are in a completely nostalgic mood, the beach games from the 70’s remain essential that you can not give up to truly feel on vacation, on the beaches of Italy and beyond. But there is a problem that needs to be solved. How to combine our style, which we would like to always be flawless (rightly) with the aces of the cups that are little grandmothers and the tennis rackets that are always very bright and ruin our outfit, all played with natural materials and earthy colors ; The fashion houses that have created the luxurious version of the funniest toys come to the rescue.

The week of puzzles

We want to start collecting sea games with Puzzle Week. Here we choose the original, classic version, dated 1932, and celebrate with crossword puzzles. his nineties. Because it is always in super-trend and as the subtitle says, it boasts endless efforts to imitate, but it remains impossible. And for a few years now you can also download it on the tablet because it comes in digital form, but we recommend the paper version that can be removed from the bag in a very nice way and then we can not abandon its ritual objects, such as the soft pencil type 2B and rubber (always worn) to erase crossword puzzles without patterns, puzzles and targets. The latest version, more holiday, has been released for two seasons and is called Holiday Baralmost a book, 92 pages, which includes fun, games, quizzes, puzzles, crossword puzzles and lasts all summer.

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