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To read not just for Friday afternoon: we feature Google Doodle games that will help you forget about complicated projects and unforgiving deadlines for a few minutes – or just pass the time. Although, of course, we do not encourage anyone to play during working hours.

The best doodle games

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Several times a year, the Google Doodle team offers high-quality games to celebrate birthdays and special events or to highlight a topical issue. Typically, these games last anywhere from two to twenty minutes – but some games can last longer than an hour. We have compiled a selection of the best Google Doodle games.

The best Google Doodle games


When it comes to classic 80s arcade games, you can’t fail to mention “Pac-Man”. On May 21, 2010, Google released the game known worldwide as Doodle Game to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Yellow Glutton. Feel pure nostalgia as you devour yellow dots, various fruits, and maybe even a spirits or two.

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The best doodle games

Pac-Man continues to captivate more than 41 years after his arcade debut. google photo

The object of the game is to clear all the dots and avoid the ghosts. If you are hit by a ghost, it’s “game over”. Pac-Man can be controlled with the arrow keys on the keyboard. It is also possible to play in pairs: double-click on “Insert room” and Ms. Pac-Man joins as an active character. Pac-Man’s beloved is controlled with the A, S, D and W keys.


On American Independence Day July 4, 2021, Google Doodle released “Baseball” to allow its users to celebrate a game little known to Europeans. To make it even more American, you play junk food decorated in various ways typical of baseball events like hot dogs and cheese nachos. The opposing team, by the way, consists of peanuts.

When you start the game, a random snack appears on the field. Now you have to press space bar to swing as soon as the pitcher throws the ball. The ball speed and the throwing style of the pitcher changes here especially as the number of points already scored increases. The game is over when the pitcher cuts, that is, you miss three times. How many points can you get?


We stay in the world of sport: Basketball is a solo entertainment where you can shoot digital baskets. The game was part of a four-day Google Doodle promotion, where you could also test your soccer and kayak slalom skills. According to Ryan Germick, head of Google Doodle, these four games have been played over a billion times in four days.

The mechanics of the game are simple: hold down the space bar to increase the power, then release it to throw the ball. If you use too much or too little energy, you will run out. Check how many balls you can put in the net in 30 seconds.

Pony express

“Pony Express” was a postal service in the 19th century. The first successful delivery took place on April 14, 1860. A nod to the history of the Pony Express, the Google Doodle team has created a mini-game where you collect mail on horseback, avoiding obstacles.

To play you have to move the jumper up or down with the arrow keys. The goal is to collect as much mail as possible and avoid cacti, fences, rocks, holes and many other obstacles. There are three levels in total – try to collect all the packs in each one.

Pangolin game in the style of Sonic

The pangolin (pangolin) is the most traded animal in the world and is threatened with extinction. To raise awareness of this issue, Google released a doodle on Valentine’s Day 2017 in honor of endangered species.

The pangolin doodle game is side scrolling reminiscent of Sega’s Sonic Games. Instead of the blue hedgehog, here you move the pangolin with the left and right arrow keys and make it jump over the obstacles with the space bar. Task: Collect as many items as possible and reach the finish line before the time runs out.

Coding of carrots

To celebrate Kids Coding’s 50th anniversary, the Google Doodle team released “Coding for Carrots”. The rule is simple: you have to send the rabbit to the carrots that are placed on the playing field.

To do this, you need to drag the code blocks with the direction of the next jump (left, right, up, down) towards the bar. If the order of the code blocks is correct, the rabbit lands on the carrot. The level is over when all the carrots have been harvested, although the order required becomes more complicated with each level.

Masters Island

The two hour game “Island of Champions” is one of the most complete games from Google Doodle. It was originally slated for release at the same time as the 2020 Summer Olympics – due to the pandemic, the Google Doodle team took the time to continue developing the game. It paid off.

The best doodle games

The Champions Island is by far the most complete doodle game, and that retro look… Fig. Google

Use the arrow keys to move your character around the world map and meet the challenges of the inhabitants of the island. The commands are different for each mission, so you should read the corresponding instructions carefully. Take part in all the contests to see if you can reach the top of the leaderboards.

Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube (also known as the Rubik’s Cube), which consists of six colors, six sides and 54 squares, has been around since 1974. In 2014, Google released the “Rubik’s Cube” doodle to celebrate the cube’s 40th anniversary .

The object of the game is to make each side of the Rubik’s Cube a solid color by turning and flipping the blocks. To play the Google Doodle version, click and drag the cursor to rotate the cube.

Long live the garden gnomes

Have you ever wanted to catapult garden gnomes into your backyard? Now is your chance. To honor the little figurines steeped in history – today’s common garden gnome comes from Thuringia in the 19th century – Google Doodle launched “The Garden Dwarves” in June 2018.

The object of the game is to plant as many flowers as possible by catapulting the garden gnomes as far as possible. The space bar is enough to play the game: the first press on the button sets the catapult in motion, the second causes the garden gnome to fall. The better the time of germination, the further away the sprite’s path and the more seeds there are in the soil.


The lottery is a traditional Mexican card game, often referred to as Mexican bingo. The announcer shows a card and if the player has the same card on their board, they must put a bean on it. If this card is not on his board, he must wait for the next one. Every turn is played. requires a certain pattern of beans to win.

Besides Pac-Man, Lottery is another Google Doodle game where you can try your luck with other players.


Meow-loween was created for Halloween 2016. In this doodle game you control a black cat named Momo who must fight against the invading ghosts.

Each ghost has a symbol that appears above its head. To banish the ghost in the kingdom of darkness, you need to draw a symbol on the screen with your mouse. You have to be quick as more and more ghosts appear with increasingly long symbol combinations over time.


You probably made the mistake of putting a supposedly sweet pepper in your mouth. If you then tried to get rid of the hellish burning sensation as quickly as possible, you could refer to Wilbur Scoville’s knowledge and combat it with the soothing effect of milk. Scoville also introduced a method to measure the heat of peppers. On the occasion of the 151st birthday of the pharmacologist, the doodle game “Scoville” offers the opportunity to show different varieties of peppers that take care of it.

The best doodle games

Thanks to Scoville, we already know: if she cooks after eating chili, dairy can help. google photo

Virtual Scoville tests different kinds of peppers one by one in his laboratory and climbs the Scoville scale. After eating the clove, you give it ice cream for pain relief. This is where you get into the action: at the bottom of the board is a bar with a circle that quickly moves back and forth. To hit the pod with the ice cream scoop, you have to stop the circle as close as possible to the center of the beam – either with the space bar or by clicking the mouse. The further you go, the harder the enemies get.

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