Bigger than usual? Introducing the longest Mini Cooper in the world

Who has ever heard the opinion that today’s mines are no longer small and that they have long since lost their original charm? Well, probably all those who are at least a little oriented to the car ocean. The fact remains, however, that the longest officially created Mini Cooper of the R50 generation made its debut at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

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The meaning of the car? Nobody knows about the party

BMW, the owner of the Mini brand, sent this Cooper S, an improved John Cooper workshop, to bodybuilders all the way to Los Angeles in North America, where the car received an extra axle, an extended body and many seats.

Inside, the XXL special has a conventional interior, a total of seven seats, a royal foot area and a well-equipped bar. But that’s not all, passengers have fun with a flat-screen TV, DVD player, CD player, built-in hi-fi or radio, and a sense of bliss can be evoked by air conditioning or driver command via built-in intercom.

Photo: Mini

Inside, it is a discreetly coordinated area equipped with a bar and audiovisual equipment

After removing the back of the roof, you will surely remember Ivan Jonák, a controversial businessman from the 1990s. Well, there is a real whirlpool in the back, which is not recommended for use while driving. It is also easy to handle, once you get tired of splashing in the water, just remove the bottom plug and drain the pool. If necessary, the car can also be used as a large mobile sink for washing dishes.

Photo: Mini

The Mini XXL has a swimming pool at the back. Many of you will surely remember Ivan Jonak, who was wandering the streets of Prague in the pool of his mobile car

Under the hood of the prototype runs a turbocharged sixteen-cylinder, except for improved boys by John Cooper. Although the six-meter mini differs from the 1,200 kg of heavy-duty prototype, we believe that the built-in power unit is fully adequate for city couriers.

Photo: Mini

The Mini XXL is based on the first generation of the new Mini R50

There are theories around the world that the XXL Mini saw the light of day just to prepare the public for larger versions of the typical models of this British brand. After all, the Clubman Estate made its debut in 2007 and four years later also the Countryman sports utility.

Photo: Mini

The Mini XXL may have announced the arrival of larger mini

It is not known what purpose the strange Mini XXL serves today. Maybe it hangs around the Oxford factory or serves as the perfect sewing room for passionate conversations over a glass of good drink. However, the more we observe the limousine, the more we say to ourselves that the current models of the brand are not really that big, or are we wrong?

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