Biggest news from Gamescom this year

Microsoft has announced that the delayed “Halo Infinity”, whose multiplayer mode has received rave reviews, will be released on December 8. Playstation has a contract with the flagship title “Horizon Forbidden The West” – also the delayed title – arrives on February 18th. “Lego star wars: The Skywalker saga” – which concerns all nine films in the main film series – was originally slated for release last year, but has been delayed. A new trailer shows that the game is still alive, and this spring we will see if the power is with the little plastic figures.

Strategy games debut on console

Swedish developer from Malmö Tarsiers ” Little nightmares 2 Has sold two million copies, and a few more will be when the title is refurbished for the next generation of consoles. For those who already own one of the previous versions of the console, the update will be free.

Speaking of Swedish, Paradox announced that he had received critical acclaim ” Crossed Kings 3 “Train in the world of consoles. Paradox titles have been released primarily on PC, but in recent years more and more console gamers have been able to try out the company’s complex strategy titles. British Lab 42 is responsible for porting to Playstation 5 and Xbox X / S, which will be released “soon”.

“The row of saints” restarts

On February 25 of next year, it’s time to see you again ” row of saints which will be a fresh start for the 15-year-old series inspired by “GTA.” The new title is set in the fictional Santo Ileso Smells of Las Vegas and features the series’ biggest card to date, that you can fly, photograph and cross, together with a friend if you wish.

“It’s a whole new story. It doesn’t chronologically fit any of the others we’ve done,” says Jim Boone of developer Volition to Polygon.

“Saints Row,” as the game is simply called, is coming to Playstation 4/5, PC and Xbox One / Series X / S, and superheroes like Wolverine, Dr. Strange, and Ironman are set in “ Midnight suns “, A tactical role-playing game by Firaxis which will be released in March of next year, and where more information about the game will be presented next week.

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