Bijec Vclav Sivk: Hrd Rom with a tough run! Childhood among thieves, his life was saved by sport!

She is not only the main star of the RFA organization, but also one of the best fighters in her class in the world. Brutal blow Vclav Sivk (23), who did not yet know the quality of pork with Bad Boy and in the professional ring, again confirmed his brilliance by finishing the Austrian champion Tokhtarova in the Havov tournament and thus winning the title. It’s not just Sivk’s talent that stands out, but also his character. He grew up in a Roma ghetto among criminals and thieves. Sm was about to embark on a criminal career. When did the turning point happen?

Sivk cuts one opponent after another, and the head of the organization has no problem putting a coward against him, who would at least be able to threaten him in some way, the RFA organization said in the press release.

So, only twenty-year-old Vclav Sivk had a dominant performance in the match against Tokhtarov. In that round, Soupee hit a hard knee to the ribs and it was over. 23 years in professional career.

Vclav Sivkwho in the past became the amateur world champion in kickboxing and the champion of the Czech Republic in boxing, repeatedly told the newspaper that it was a mistake and that he most likely died behind the meme, just like his childhood friends.

Vclav Sivk is the main star of the RFA organization.

The confident drummer grew up in Ostrava, in his own words, in the Roma ghetto, where he was surrounded by big guns and professional thieves. I used to hang out with them everyday and we had fun he recalled in an interview for denk Sport Sivk.

Vclav Sivk with Attila Vgh and Rytmus

From an early age, they stole something, wanted to steal things. I grew up in a poor community. When they were about fifteen years old, many of them went to a children’s home, these friends are still in prison. One stole a bank account, the other got into a fight somewhere, and the aunt stole something again. just a classic added the survivor, whose life was saved by his love of sport.


Sivk, strongly motivated by his parents to play sports, first started taking karate lessons, but later tried Thai boxing and fell in love with it.

To this day, he still insists he’s a proud Roma. Who cries until he falls asleep, has no discipline, Sivk let himself be heard in his shifting conversation.

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