The 17-year-old rider, who managed to win two European titles and a bronze medal at last year’s World Championships, is curious about the park where she will fight for another success for her collection.

“I’ve only seen it online so far, so it’s hard for me to rate it. But I feel it will be difficult. However, I still only know the real difficulty live and ideally after the first practice. I think it will suit me,” Miculyčová, who defended his European title in Krakow in June, said in a press release.

Iveta Miculyčová defended the continental title in BMX freestyle at the European Games in Poland

Miculyčová defended her European Championship title. She scored with a special trick

If she equals or betters third place at last year’s World Cup, she will most likely qualify ahead of time for the 2024 Paris Olympics, where twelve of the world’s top riders will compete.

He will only take risks in the final

“I want to go to the final in Glasgow. Of course, I would like to defend third place or improve further, but I know it won’t be easy at all. The goal is the final and then we’ll see each other” , he continues.

At the recent CE, she showed a trick in the final run that she had never tried before in the race. Has he planned something similar in Scotland? “I rather want to play it safe with the fact that I will take a bit more risk in the final. But this time I probably won’t show anything new.”

Iveta Miculycova

Miculyčová Queen of cycling. I did not expect it at all, marveled the young biker

And how does she perceive the fact that after a new European title she is already among the favourites? “I wouldn’t say that the female opponents are afraid of me, because there is a lot of competition in our sport and nobody looks at who has or doesn’t have titles and medals,” adds Miculyčová.