Bomber Michele Gallaccio: “I sign, I fight and I have two dreams …”

At 35, he continues to inflate the net as if he were a young boy in the launch and still wants to fight in the middle of the field: Michele Gallaccio, a striker who was born in 1986 and this year plays with him Certosa, speaks in 360 degrees of the world of football while facing other interesting topics.

Good morning bomber, you started the new season as you always did by scoring: how do you judge this start of the Certosa season and what do you think are your goals for this year? What do you think about the current team? How do you feel now;

“At the beginning of this season we knew that we would face four top teams in the first five games, created to win or in any case to stay on the top floors. After four games to be 4 points I would be satisfied, obviously there are a lot to work because we are a team with a lot of young people and we have built to win the Promotion Championship Excellence is currently a different league, especially Group A, as we all know. “Right now we are saying ‘I’m fighting aging’ as they say, there are some diseases here and there, but in short, we are defending ourselves, we are trying to take care of every little detail to be on top on Sunday.” The

How do you think amateur football has changed in recent years? After two years of playing very little, what was it like to start playing again? How important is the contribution of the public for regional football as well?

“In recent years, amateur football has changed for a variety of reasons. Mainly financially, before several players, speaking from Excellence and below, made families live on the ball, now there has been a huge contraction and therefore the level that I think it has decreased because there are so many people who have gone to work. After two years of not playing it was not easy to continue because in any case you can train alone as much as you want but the field is another thing. Even for the young people who lost two years it was very punitive for me. The audience is also very important to us, because in any case when you play on Sunday, whether it is for Excellence or Promotion, it is our Serie A, so the contribution of the audience is fundamental, it gives you this small extra charge which is good for All. “

What advice do you want to give to your younger colleagues from the football and football school who are now approaching the world of football? What do you think are the fundamental values ​​that we should aim to go far?

“One piece of advice I give to younger people is to go to the stadium, bring a bag full of joy, fun, joy because this is football. Above all, I advise parents to let their children express themselves freely. Many times parents do a lot. , in fact everything. In terms of values, faith, even in the middle of the field, respect for everyone, for the opponents, for all the people around us and who are inside the sports fields. To reach far requires a great sacrifice, desire for arrival, determination but this not only in football but in all fields “.

What do you think are the 3 favorite teams of the excellence group? In Serie D do you think any Lazio player could aspire to make the leap to professionalism?

“The three favorite teams of our group are undoubtedly Pomezia, W3 and Ladispoli are the first three that come to mind. As for the D series, there are many for me who can do well, I do not understand how Cynthialbalonga started so badly because for me it was one of the favorites, but there are many that deserve professionalism like what happened in Monterosi “.

What is Michele Gallaccio’s dream in the life and world of football?

“This question is difficult for me, I will tell you, to make my daughter grow up well, to travel the world with her, this is something I would do very willingly and it would be a dream. As for the world of football, “A dream in the drawer before I cut it, we are close, I would win another championship. It is a small dream that I have and I hope it will come true soon, also because I am going to give it up.”

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