Bottoms Really Wants to Change American School Comedy (And He’s Succeeding)

The rules are American high school movie cliches they’re all there and they’re pissed off. The high school where the story takes place Below it is a place where all the dynamics that occur in adult society are suggested as if in simulation but exaggerated, grotesque and inflated to reveal the ludicrous. It’s a very difficult operation to write and then direct (not to mention act) in a film film Thus, in which humor is fundamental and based on the ability to aim with great precision the mockery of an educational, sexual, relational and even more social system. The closest to below, therefore, they are his best episodes The Simpsonsjust updated.

Everyone hangs out in the high school where the movie takes place, as if real life works like a social network, where fake news or exaggerations of true events had the same impact. So just a misunderstanding lend your side, even the two lesbians”losers and talentless” dreamed up by the most popular (straight) peers at school, they are lying. First they claim that they are fresh out of reform school and that they are violent girlsthen they are authorized a self-defense club: other girls will learn to defend themselves against the most dangerous enemy, the boys from the rival high school. For them, everything is an excuse to collect the most beautiful things.

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