Boxers Šálek and Rácz won Czech professional title, Bytyqi also won

Boxers Tomáš Šálek and Slovak Róbert Rácz won the Czech Republic professional championship titles today in Ústí nad Labem. He beat the super heavyweight cup on points by Michal Reissinger, Rácz decided his victory over Ondřej Budera in the super middleweight category in the first round. Czech number one Fabiána Bytyqi, who beat Farah El Bousairi, also performed at the “This is a box” gala evening.

The 23-year-old Cup was more experienced boxing than Reissinger, who was eleven years older and has a successful career in martial arts. At first Reissinger was more active, but over time he took the initiative for the Cup and after the end of the tenth round there was no doubt that he would win. In the end, he won 3-0 on points.

“The road to the title was tough. I appreciate having had a second chance to box for it. At first I didn’t make it in my head and lost to myself. Now, I worked on it and it worked, “said álek, who said of the Czech that he fought for the title in 2019 and lost to Pavel Šour. “Michal is a tough guy, I didn’t expect to win over the limit,” he said.

Šálek had a significant advantage especially in the 7th round, when his opponent was close to counting. “They say that risk is profit, but I didn’t want to take risks, for which I was disappointed by the coach. He blamed me for little activity,” admitted álek, who prepares under the leadership of former world champion Lukáš Konečný.

Rácze’s duel with Budera was significantly faster and clearer. The Czech boxer was counted twice in the first round and at 2:50 am his coaches threw a towel in the ring. “The boys made a good decision,” Budera admitted. “I didn’t expect it to be so fast. I counted on the fight until the fifth round. But at the beginning I was hit, I saw my opponent was shaken, so I went there, ”Rácz said.

Bytyqi, 25, won his 18th profile victory and maintained his unbeaten position. However, the fight with El Bousairi of Spain was balanced and it was confirmed that coach Lukáš Konečný was expecting a tough game. Bytyqi won 2: 1 on points.

“We can definitely say it was one of the toughest games I’ve had,” said Bytyqi, who holds the WBC lightweight world champion’s belt. “I am after an illness, a broken elbow, it all fell into place now. I wanted to try it against a tough opponent and I am looking forward to the next match,” the boxer told the ancestors of Kosovo, who should defend the title. at the end of the year. “I hope it works and that this game has been a great preparation,” Bytyqi added.

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