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Plan a trip to Milan, any time of the year and all seasons, is always a great idea. Indeed, the world capital of fashion and design has a vast historical, cultural and artistic heritage, destined to enchant anyone who arrives in the metropolis.

Walks overlooking the Duomo, visits to museums, shopping in luxury stores and gourmet breaks in luxury restaurants: there are many things to do and see in the capital of Lombardy, and all are adapted to the needs and preferences of travelers.

Getting into town, we said, is always a good idea. But there is one more reason to visit now, especially for lovers of art and strange visions. The photo you will find in the opening it’s nothing more than a prelude to what awaits you, but we must warn you: Nothing is as it seems.

Leandro Erlich has arrived in town

Browsing through photos on Instagram feeds, those depicting Milan, you may notice something unusual. Some images, in fact, depict several people intending to climb the city’s elegant buildings. You will wonder what is going on and we’ll explain it to you right away.

This is not a new urban sport, nor are we intrepid adventurers who have chosen to observe the city from another perspective. What’s happening in Milan? named after Leandro Erlichan internationally renowned Argentinian conceptual artist who needs no introduction.

For the first time in EuropeIn fact, the capital of Lombardy welcomes a large monograph dedicated to the artist and his masterpieces, transporting visitors to a upside down universe that cancels all certainty. The site of the exhibition is the Royal Palace which hosts 19 installations.

In an evocative and picturesque environment, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the conceptual and certainly unusual world of Leandro Erlich and yes, they will also be go up to a mansion in the citybut only ideally. However, the experience is great.

Ehrlich. Beyond the threshold: an exhibition not to be missed

From April 22, e until October 4, 2023, it will be possible to enter – for the first time in Italy – the universe of Leandro Erlich. The exhibition “Erlich. Beyond the Threshold’, promoted by the Municipality of Milan-Cultura, and produced and organized by Palazzo Reale and Arthemisia, will lead visitors into a world where nothing is as it seems.

Creativity, emotion, fun and exploration are the cornerstones of aexperience to be had. In fact, as part of the exhibition route, visitors will be able to climb illusionistically on the buildings, climb lifts to non-existent destinationsme, navigating tangles of stairs, taking a trip to Tokyo on a futuristic window-seat train.

All the adventures, those, which we live in the ordinary, but which were reinterpreted by the artist in an extraordinary context because, as we’ve said several times, nothing is as it seems when it comes to Leandro Erlich.

The exhibition then concludes with the most exciting, strange and mind-blowing experience on instagram. Inside the courtyard of the Royal Palace, in fact, there are a number of climbable buildings. It is actually another large installation of the artist, the one that recreates the facades of the grand houses of Milan and which, through a game of mirrors and illusionsscaling is possible.

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