Can you catch the shiny Phantump in Pokémon GO?

The arrival of Phantump to Pokémon GO left many trainers wondering if they could capture its bizarre form. That won’t be the case, though, because Niantic won’t release a Shiny Pokémon skin during the introduction phase.

Phantump joins Pumpkaboo as two Generation VI Grass and Ghost Pokémon to introduce Pokémon GO for the first time. Both are included in the second part of Halloween Mischief titled Ghoulish Pals. This event would be a great opportunity to catch Ghost Pokémon in general, including Phantump.

The sixth generation of Pokémon makes its first appearance at a Halloween event

ghost It will appear in the wild during Ghoulish Pals, which lasts until Halloween night. However, the glossy form will not be available. The same goes for Pumpkaboo, who will also appear in the wild for this event.

Unfortunately, it is typical for Niantic not to release the shiny version of Pokémon when it is first introduced to the game. Instead, they look forward to another opportunity to showcase that model, be it an Attention Hour, a Community Day, or some other special event.

The same happened with Enkay and Malamara, two other sixth-generation Pokémon were recently introduced to the game. The glossy shapes are not yet available.

However, there are still many bright shades that fighters can take on during Ghoulish Pals. The full list of Pokémon that can shine during this event is as follows:

  • Pikachu (pumpkin head version)
  • Morocco
  • misdreavaus
  • lurch
  • pebble above
  • I have got you

In addition, a shiny Spinarak will be available upon hatching of 7km eggs. Several raid bosses also have a chance to be brilliant, including Alolan Marowak and Drifblim. Incredibly lucky trainers can take on the brilliant Darkrai and the brilliant Mega Absol.

The rewards that Trainers can take advantage of during Ghoulish Pals are the same as those offered during the first part of the event, called Creepy Companions. These rewards include Double Catch Candy, Double Transfer Candy, Double Hatch Candy, and guaranteed candy while walking with friends.

Given the extra treats, instructors should be able to easily develop Phantump in Trevenant. However, they can also exchange Phantump for a free tap.

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