Car enthusiasts with up to three thousand crowns circulate around the democracy

Ten people are in the eighth year of the recession and a crew has left due to the coronavirus. All participants had to be tested for coronavirus before leaving. Organizers bring disinfectants, curtains and respirators. Cardboard and strings will be used to ensure the distance.

“We will abide by what needs to be done, we do not socialize with other people, we had to cancel, for example, the promotion stops in the cities,” said organizer Janis Chadzopulos.

Individual crews have a maximum of CZK 1,000 to repair their cars. If the repair is to exceed this amount, the crew is finished. Crew members can, if interested, change car and complete the trip with other participants.

Expedition Scrab symbolically started on the day of the originally scheduled launch, ie on February 27th. However, due to current government measures, it was not possible to move between the regions. “So we went to the cottage, where we stretched them out in the mud, there was sabotage and so on,” Chadzopulos said. Even then, all members of the mission had to be tested, even if it was only a weekend.

Roads with ice or snow usually complicate the journey for cars, but now in May the roads will be passable. The organizers expect the trip to be faster and much easier.

“We will have more fun and activities for the crews,” said second organizer Libor Kalina. The organizers have rented accommodation for the participants, they will sleep in cars twice next week.

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