Carnival moments of 1981 by ERT

The ERT Archive in honor of Carnival digitized the festive television program from 1981 for the first time:


Carnival program by Aleko Sakellariou


Festive program for the Carnival of 1981 in lyrics and directed by Aleko Sakellariou, with inspection numbers and old nostalgic songs, bringing memories of the old carnival to life. The main axis is the satirical spirit of Georgios Souris’ popular newspaper “Romios”, with the two popular types he created, Fasoulis and Perikletos, commenting on the events through his columns for decades. Incarnated by the actors Giannis Malouchos (Fasoulis) and Sotiris Tzevelekos (Perikletos), they come back to life to comment on the events with a cheerful mood, that is, to talk about the cloud, the earthquakes and Halloween. Disappointed with today’s Halloween, they remember the old one, with the merry-go-rounds, the chants, the masquerades, the old songs, and the judging numbers. Sophie Zaninou, Mary Chronopoulou, Giannis Vogiatzis and others participate. Foreword by Alekos Sakellarios. The sets and costumes are by George Anemogiannis, the music by Takis Athinaios and the choreography by George Darzentas. The show aired on 7/3/1981.

Directed by: Elina Tanimanidis

Year of construction: 1981

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