carousel shades for the little ones

On the occasion of the Giostra del Saracino week in Arezzo, the MUMEC The Media Museum will give a special “Ombra di Giostra” to all children visiting the Museum from August 28 to September 3, 2023.

“A project, Ombre di giostra, started in synergy with a reality from Arezzo,” he explains. Valentina Cassidirector of MUMEC, “an idea that wants to underline even more the relationship between history, represented by the mission of the museum, and the tradition of the area, which has always been strongly represented by the Giostra del Saracino”.

Shaped cards with the protagonists of the Arezzo event such as the knight, the glass and the horse, can be personalized by the little ones with the colors of their neighborhood and viewed, once in the dark, thanks to a small light, on a white screen or, simply , a wall. Shadow theater, a visual play dating back more than 2000 years, part of the pre-cinematic world, has always captivated young and old alike for its simplicity and magic. In this way, in fact, for centuries the images were magnified and gave way to imagination in the stories and events told, with a strong wink to the world of modern cinema projection.

A subject, that of cinema, which has always been dear to the Museum of Communication Media, with which it manages to captivate the curiosity of young visitors and give the older ones the opportunity to relive the games and attractions of their past. Once again MUMEC confirms itself as a museum with great attention to maintaining a strong bond between the Arezzo area, the fascinating subjects of the museum’s collection and the audience of children and families who this time will be able to take home a special item, a bridge between story and fun, thus creating your very own Shadow Saracen.

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