Children discover the world of construction and environmental technology

ALTENBERG. The Rabmer children’s construction day took place for the fourth time in a row. The aim of this initiative is to generate enthusiasm for technology and crafts from school age.

The children of employees from Altenberg and the neighboring municipality of Hellmonsödt took part in the event. Demand was so high that the number of participants was increased from the originally planned 60 to 72, but the waiting list was still long. The increasing number of participating girls is particularly pleasing: the proportion of children from Altenberg was 40 percent.

Discover professions in a fun way

Equipped with Rabmer work clothes – T-shirts, work gloves, cool caps, as well as a mason’s pencil and a ruler – the children had an active day. In small groups, they created six varied stations that required skills, creativity and know-how. The children showed no shyness and, with help, maneuvered a forklift through an obstacle course. Together as a team they built an herb snail for the brick garden and hammered and drilled a wooden picture and bottle caps in the woodworking workshop.

Introducing children to technology

“Rabmer Children’s Construction Day was once again a complete success this year – which is also demonstrated by the increasing number of registrations from year to year. Girls and boys are full of enthusiasm and curiosity and complete tasks with great motivation. The positive feedback from parents also confirms our commitment,” said director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller. “We are very pleased that the demand is so great and that, thanks to our initiative, we can generate interest in artisanal and technical careers at an early stage. And who knows, maybe in the future we will be able to take on a few children as apprentices. » The mayor of Altenberg, Michael Hammer, and the deputy mayor of Hellmonsöd, Claudia Hammer, who visited the various stations, were also enthusiastic about the skills and motivation of the children. acclaimed.

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