Chucky, the TV series will address an important franchise issue: here’s which one

Thanks to the sequel to the TV series Tsaki, the creator of the killer doll franchise, Don Mancini, will have the opportunity to expand his horizons in storytelling but will also include several details from previous films in the show. It was recently confirmed that the plot of the series will start from The Cult of Chucky in 2017.

It will also include surviving cast members in both The Killer Doll and The Killer Doll 2. However, in a new interview, Mancini confirmed that a very important topic will be discussed in the series of the franchise plot. At Everyeye you can find the poster for the series about Chucky.

The last film in the epic to hit theaters was Chucky’s Son in 2005, a chapter of the show that fully embraced its camp aesthetic. The film stars Jennifer Tilly, who previously voiced Tiffany, Chucky’s bride, and appears in the film as a fictional version of herself, a Hollywood actress who stars in Chucky’s films. In the end of the movie, Tiffany fits into Jennifer Tilly’s bodyAnd the series will close the circle in this sense.
“What happens is that Tiffany has taken control of Jennifer Tilly’s body, life, career and lifestyle. And she presents herself to the world as Jennifer Tilly and enjoys all the social and financial privileges that allow her to do nonsense. in the low tones .. .. is so weird in reality that, in The Cult of Chucky I was explicitly forced not to dwell on it too much because they were afraid it was too crazy. But I do not think it is. And another aspect is that a show, with eight hours of narration, is the perfect place to go crazy with such things and really have fun “The
In addition to Jennifer Tilly, the series will also bring Brad Dourif into the world of Chucky as the voice of the doll, while Fiona’s daughter will reprise the role of Nica. Also on the Alex Vincent show as Andy.

Don Mancini explained that the Chucky series tells the origin of the killer doll.

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