Clarkson to Prince William: “Help me pick up the shit”

Space X founder Elon Musk has said he wants to build Tesla cars on Mars and William Shatner recently traveled to space in Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ rocket. This led Prince William, who is heavily involved in the climate crisis, to see space tourism, which he says is spending far too many resources.

“The best brains in the world need to focus on fixing this planet instead of trying to find the next place to live,” Prince William told the BBC.

TV profile Jeremy Clarkson leaves little for criticism of the prince and calls claims that space travel is highly polluting because rockets, he says, are not powered by fuels “nonsense”. fossils.

“Help me shovel the mountain of shit”

But Clarkson points out that he has nothing against the prince personally.

“He is without a doubt a very lovable man with an almost impossible job: to wait – and to exist, not to do, while he waits,” writes Clarkson.

The TV profile is much more in agreement with that of the prince recent reviews of people throwing garbage. Clarkson, who in addition to his television career now runs a farm in Oxfordshire, therefore has a proposal for the prince while he waits to become King of England:

“If you want, you can come to my yard and help me clear the mountain of shit that blows the fields every day.”

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